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Vintage Mobile Home Ads

Learn more about vintage mobile homes by stepping back in time with one of the largest collections of vintage mobile home ads online.

1953 Vagabond

Almost incredible in its newness and improvement, the 1953 Vagabond is eliciting high praise wherever it is seen.

Its new higher ceilings, entirely new cabinet treatments, new larger windows, new solar ceiling glass in the living room, new sliding doors throughout – and its countless other features, you’ll want to see.

Vagabond’s time proven exclusive floor heating system, the all metal framing and other Vagabond features are retained.

Vagabond vintage mobile home Ad

DUBL-WIDE Roadliner

The ad states:

  • For luxury unlimited….It’s Dubl-Wide Roadliner
  • Building better mobile homes for better living
  • Models: 35′ – 40′ – 45′ – 50′
  • One, Two, and Three Bedrooms
  • All models available in Dubl 8, Dubl 9, and Dubl 10 ft. wide.
  • Electric motor for opening and closing unit is optional.
  • The Dubl-Wide is simple and easy to open and close, with no cumbersome tracks to set up beforehand, and no massive blocking required. A hydraulic system actuates the opening and closing mechanism. The Dubl-Wide is always balanced on the chassis making this the only expandable type mobile home that can actually be towed without contracting.
Dubl Wide Roadliner

1955 Glider

The ad states:

  • Completely new…Inside and Out!
  • Outstanding in Quality!
  • A Completely New Idea in Styling!
  • Designed for Years Ahead!
  • Livability Beyond Compare!
  • Graceful, Uncluttered, Smart!
  • An Outstanding Buy!

Kropf Cruiser

Kropf Cruiser Vintage Mobile Home Trailer Ad

Budger Expando Home

You get so much more….with an Expando Home yet it costs so much less to live in!

Expando Home is unequalled in quality, comfort, and living area. Throughout this spacious 15-foot wide mobile home you’;ll discover only the finest materials and craftmanship. For your protection each home is inspected and given a seal of approval by the State Division of Housing…Visit your nearest authorized dealer  – he has a model that perfectly fits your needs and at a resonable price.

Expando Home

1951 Glider Model 233

Attractive design that will never be dated – simplicity of exteriors and modern interiors that are always in style. It’s gracious home living with plenty of room. Glider’s exclusive thermo construction keeps your home always fresh and pleasant. Best of all, there’s a Glider Trailer Home to fit everybody’s purse – giving true, honest-to-goodness dollar value.

This new 33-foot Glider has been designed to give the trailer owner the greatest amount of room ever possible in a trailer home of its size. Large casement and picture windows are so arranged that they afford maximum light and ventilation. Picture windows are the triplex type having two sections that open and one section that remains stationary. Draw drapes on traverse rods adds to the beauty of the living room or at your option Venetian blinds with colorful drapes.

Glider Model Vintage Mobile Homes


the mobilehome you designed

At right are just some of the many features incorporated in Nashua as a direct result of requests from our dealers and their customers. We carry on a continous program designed to tell us what you want. The result is one of the most ‘live-able’ mobilehomes you ever stepped inside. See a new Nashua today. See these and many, many other most-wanted features that make Nashua one of the most-wanted mobilehomes anywhere. You’ll love everything about it, including its amazing low price.

Nashua Mobile Home Ad

Terra Cruiser

Universal Futuristic Model 55

Universal a famous name in mobile homes for over 22 years introduces the Universal Futuristic Model 55 at an unbelievable price!

A value only the ultramodern Terra Cruiser production line can deliver. Famous Terra Cruiser Construction

  • Full deluxe bath
  • Step-saving kitchen with 12 cu. ft. refrigerator
  • Spacious living room
  • Separate dining area

Like all mobile homes built by Terra Cruiser the Universal Futuristic Model 55 is designed for a lifetime of trouble free service.

Universal Futuristic Model


El Monte Grande

The newest ‘Add a Room’ in the modern mobile home of today, heralds a new trend in exterior design and interior styling. Truly individual homes of beauty.

No words are adequate to describe the “El Monte Grande”….the newest Roadliner product.

Built by Roadliner – “So You Know It’s Good”

El Monte


Mon-o-Coach for lifetime living. Never forget that phrase. It means top value in mobile homes. Lifetime living is possible only in the Mon-O-Coach. Only all-aluminum monocoque construction makes it possible. Only Mon-O-Coach offers this super-durable monocoque construction.

Here’s lifetime living in style and luxury, too. Handsome outside. Luxurious inside – and with true, fluid radiant heating.

Sells for as low as $3500

Now Mon-O-Coaches are available in 26 ft to 45 ft models. Prices start at $3500. You can never do better!



Monocoach vintage mobile home ads

Gives You ROOM to Spare

The real answer to trailer living is “room to live in.”

Continental, with its extra 6 ft. 6 ins. headroom…exceptional 8 ft. width…puts even a 6-footer at ease. He roams at will without any head ducking, sleeps in full length relaxation, or stretches his long legs luxuriously from a chair in the living room. Try it yourself…wander thru a big, livable Continental at your nearest dealer’s.

Owners say, “Continental’s the best buy per foot in the country!”

Continental Trailer Vintage Mobile Home Ads


Trailers of California, INC.

In full production, the Liberty 27-foot Tandem provides all the exclusive Liberty features for year-round beautiful comfort.

Including the Famous Three-Decker Heated Floor

Now – in Liberty models-built-in “comfort conditioning,” with the patented three-decker heated flooor and circu-vent roof, assists positive floating air circulation summer and winter. For utmost comfort, enjoyment, and health, insist upon the five basic Liberty features: effective insulation to neutralize heat and cold; an automatically heated floor; thorough circulation without drafts; complex constant air change throughout the interior; a steady flow of fresh air, but with the exclusion of rain, snow, and dust.

Liberty Story X vintage mobile home advertisement



All Climate Spacemaster for 1961

New Features New Front Door New Exterior

The 1961 Spacemaster has been re-styled with dramatic new features and all-climate comfort. Some of the re-styling is immediately obvious: New corner front door; exquisite interior; richly grained woods from e great Northwest. The exterior is pre-polished aluminum, used in a vertical position for a more attractive appearance.

Spacemaster Mobile Home Ad


400 "Super"
350 "Special"
270 "Deluxe"

Livability with these all-new Continentals….new 400 “Super”

Here’s the newest, finest 5-room home on wheels! The luxurious 400 “Super” has more custom-bilt features than you’ll find in the most expensive Trailer Homes, yet its cost is in line with Continental’s long-time policy of giving the most in Liveability for every dollar invested. Two large bedrooms, roomy liginy room with big picture windows, a kitchen with double bowl sink, a complete home-size bathroom – the 400 “Super” has all this and more!

Vintage Mobile Home Ads From Mobile Homes Yearbook


For you who would live in a very special world.

Youe DUO offers all that luxury will allow…the magnificience of exterior design and interior decor…the obvious pride of DUO ownership.

Duo Ad Sept