Vintage mobile homes and trailers are the coolest things to ever hit the asphalt. 

Vintage Mobile Home Articles

I love vintage mobile homes! Over the last 8 years, I’ve been collecting vintage mobile home memorabilia. I have a huge collection of magazines, books, and images and it’s time I shared! I’ve pulled all the vintage ad articles into this section and tried to organize by decade. 

Vintage mobile home ad

The History of Mobile Homes is Fascinating

The history of mobile homes is fascinating and far better than any soap opera you could watch. The mobile home industry has faced more twists and turns and valleys and peaks than any other industry that I know. There have been political and social injustices,

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Free Vintage Mobile Home Books You Can Read Online

The 1930’s gave us plenty of good books about vintage mobile homes. These small little homes being pulled by fancy new automobiles gave both professional and amateur writers something to write about. Those that had the money could travel about the country with their home

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