Wagner Paint-N-Roll Plus Product Review

Wagner Paint-N-Roll Plus

I recently bought a painting tool called Wagner’s Paint-n-Roll Plus. Considering painting is the number one way to update a mobile or manufactured home, I thought I would write up a quick review.

I go to Lowe’s Home Improvement Store like some people go to a grocery store, usually once a week or more. I love that place! I was there on a painting spree; trying to find the right color for my kitchen. While getting the paint mixed I noticed the Paint-n-Roll siting beside the counter. 

The only thing I hate about painting is the time it takes and the mess you have to clean. Could this product be THE thing that helped with the time and mess problem? Since the price was only $17.99 and I needed to paint every wall in my home, I figured I would give a try. Lowe’s has a pretty good return policy so I figured I could always return it if it didn’t work well. I still have it so it impressed me enough to keep it!

I thought I would use a simple grading system. Here’s the reason’s I give it an A:

1.) It is fun to use! The paint is sucked up thru the handle (it includes a paint can lid with a fill tube), which holds a good amount of paint, as you roll you simply push the plunger in the bottom of the handle to release more paint. You will need to figure out at what pressure you need to push the plunger to get the coverage you want. It is easier than it sounds. For an average wall you will need to reload about 3 times.

2.) The Price is perfect. I could actually see them selling this for a bit more than $17.99.

Here’s the reason’s I give it a C:

1.) Since it uses suction and plunging it has a lot of seals and sealer stops. I’m sure you know that seals usually weaken over time. I hope they sell replacement seal and seal stops! I have only painted with it few times I can already feel the plunger is getting easier and easier.

2.) Clean up consisted of a bit more than I was willing to do, I’m a lazy person though. Instead of just a pan, roller and brush to clean you have a whole 4 foot long contraption that you must clean thoroughly. I put mine in the tub and ran water thru it and then soaked it for a few minutes. I eventually got all the parts clean.

All in all, I think this is a good buy. It did cut my painting time by quite a bit and it was fun to use. The clean up could be easier if you were outside with a hose. I don’t personally like having paint on my grass or flowers, so I only use my tub drain. I’m not going to say “Go Buy This NOW”, my review is more of a “Here’s how it worked for me, if you need to paint a lot of walls then this could be a product you could get some use out of.” Some people could have tried it and hated it.

 I was not paid for this review nor will I be. It’s simply a product that appeal to my needs and actually worked for me.

Thanks so much for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

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