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Spotlight on Spartan Carousel Travel Trailers

The Spartan Carousel is one of our favorite vintage mobile home models. From the abundance of windows, the cool skylight, and the round kitchen they are everything we hold dear in a vintage trailer design.  Finding one of these beauties is rare, but finding three to share with you, is a special treat!

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This Spartan Carousel is Untouched

Our first find is compliments of our friend Steve from the Facebook page Manufactured Housing. He shared this completely original and untouched Spartan Carousel last month. It includes all the original appliances and even the original lighting located in the skylight.

spartan carousel travel trailers-magazine cover
What the interior looked like in its prime.
spartan carousel-oven
Notice the copper accent?
spartan carousel-light
Check out the sputnik lighting.
spartan carousel-kitchen
The circular kitchen really made the home standout.
spartan carousel-exterior
A little TLC will make this home shine.

This Vintage Spartan is For Sale 

We found this 1959 Spartan Carousel on Craigslist. It’s located in Oregon, and the owner is accepting any offers over $90k. It has been restored and is ready to move and live in. We love the pink kitchen and that they even kept the original light in the skylight. There’s also a youtube video you can view!

spartan carousel-craigslist kitchen
spartan carousel-craigslist interior
Tiny home living at its finest.
spartan carousel-craigslist exterior
This Spartan has been kept under shelter for years.


Spartan Trailer is a Desert Beauty

Our next find was featured on Retro Renovation a couple of years ago. At the time it was listed on Craigslist in an Arizona mobile home community for $40,000. We are sure this desert beauty went fast. One of the perks of it being located in Arizona? Less rust because of the dry climate.

The only updates were interior painting, and the process of removing the carpet to update the floors had begun. The only misstep we could see in the updating was the painting of the copper accent in the kitchen, to white. Hopefully, that could be easily removed to showcase the copper color underneath!

spartan carousel-desert beauty kitchen
Pink kitchen!
spartan carousel-desert beauty bathroom
Even the bathroom is pink.
spartan carousel-desert beauty exterior
Move in ready.

all images property of Retro Renovation

This Retro Spartan Shines

Our last Spartan Carousel is nothing short of amazing. We found this one on Facebook as well (although its probably been featured elsewhere). There are tons of pictures posted with a look at the before/during/after the remodeling process. We must say they did a fantastic job restoring the home and keeping as many of the original features as possible.

spartan carousel-shines interior before
It’s in good condition to be so vintage.
spartan carousel-shines interior before 2
These homes are such beauties.
spartan carousel-shines kitchen after
Love that they kept the original color of the oven.
spartan carousel-shines interior after
spartan carousel-shines exterior
What a view.

We love that people see the value in these vintage mobile homes. The Spartan Carousel is just one of many older mobile home models that showcased unique features and were built to withstand the test of time. We are lucky to be able to share them!

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  1. How did you get the windows in? Did you have to do something to keep the strength in the structure?

  2. I m going to replace 1957 Colombian
    If someone would want it it’s in los Angeles

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