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Why the Industry Hates the Term Mobile Home

The term ‘mobile home’ is controversial, to say the least. The manufactured housing industry has spent a ton of money trying to get the term erased from the minds of an entire nation. So, why does the industry hate the term mobile homes so much? In the last 7 years of publishing Mobile Home Living, …

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Editorial: The 7 Best Characteristics of Mobile Homeowners

When I started Mobile Home Living I figured it would be a simple blog with beautiful mobile home tours along with remodeling ideas and repair help from experienced mobile homeowners. But it evolved into far more than that. Mobile Home Living and our Facebook group are a positive, judgment-free community where regular people can share …

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Editorial: The Only Reason to Buy a Mobile Home

This editorial is a rebuttal to an article I found on Pinterest titled, ‘The Only Reason to Buy a Mobile Home (Under Any Circumstance).’ Remember how you felt when someone else picked on your best friend in school? It was OK for you to pick on her because that’s your best friend but as soon …

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Mobile Home Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Homes

There’s a lot of misunderstandings and untruths about mobile homes and manufactured homes. In this article, we are covering the most frequently asked questions about mobile homes. Mobile homes aren’t perfect but they are a great housing choice for many families across the country. More families could have a chance at owning their own home …

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Manufactured Home Discrimination is Everywhere

Manufactured home discrimination is a very real issue in America. Manufactured homes and the people living in them are one of the few remaining groups that face outright discrimination and bias. This isn’t about name-calling or humorous jabs, either, there are outright bans on manufactured homes in towns across the nation. Discrimination doesn’t get much more …

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No, I Will Not Stop Using the Term Mobile Home

I had no idea what I was doing when I first started Mobile Home Living in 2011. My goal was simply to create a place where mobile homeowners could get ideas for their homes. A Better Homes and Gardens for mobile homes, if you will. Looking back, it’s hilarious how naive and ignorant I was …

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What Living In A Manufactured Home Really Means

Living in a manufactured home is no different from a stick built home. I know that and you know that but those that have never been around a manufactured home usually have a distorted view based on stigmas and stereotypes. I hope the more we educate those people and make them realize the truth about …

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