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Facts About Manufactured Homes

What are Mobile Homes

Mobile homes were factory-built before June 1976. This date is significant because a national HUD code was enacted that required the builders to create stronger, longer-lasting, and safer homes. These are still great homes but they are hard to transport and nearly impossible to finance.

What are Manufactured Homes?

Manufactured homes were built in a factory after June 1976, when new HUD codes were enacted that made the homes safer and longer-lasting.
Manufactured homes are almost half the price per square foot as site-built homes but just as beautiful.

Manufactured Home Construction

Building a home in a factory uses far fewer materials and generates 35%-40% less waste than a site-built home of comparable size.

More Manufactured Home Facts

More than 18 million Americans live in mobile and manufactured homes.

Where Are All the Manufactured Homes?
  • In a Park
  • On Private Land

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