Bi-Level Mobile Homes are a favorite among vintage mobile home fans. Their great use of space and unique floor plans were ahead of their time.

Stewart Bi-Level Mobile Home

This restored Stewart Bi-Level Mobile Home is a beauty! Unfortunately, the park it’s located in closed in January and the owners needed to sell it. Since the original Craigslist ad has been deleted I wasn’t able to get an update on the home.

Here’s the original Craigslist ad:

A vintage double decker travel trailer made by Stewart. In over all very good condition. I am posting this for a friend but the details are as follows. This trailer has been in DeAnza park for at least the past 20 years. The electrical and plumbing have been redone. It can be pulled with a truck but will obviously need new tires. This is perfect for someone who wants to move it and start living in it immediately or for someone who wants to restore it to its former glory. This is a very unique 2 story unit that has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. An interior washer/dryer and lots of storage. It retains much of its vintage charm including original pink stove. Park is closing in January so trailer must be sold and moved.

Vintage Mobile Home - Stewart Bi-Level Model - Kitchen


This bi-level mobile home is a beauty!

It is a near perfect combination of originality and modern living conveniences. It’s condition is outstanding too! This was a wonderful find and a real gift for the lucky buyer! Man, I wish I lived in California!


Vintage Mobile Home - Stewart Bi-Level Model - Kitchen 2


Vintage Mobile Home - Stewart Bi-Level Model - Kitchen stove


As you can see above, the stove is awesome. That’s the only word I can come up with, just awesome!



Vintage Mobile Home - Stewart Bi-Level Model dining area


Vintage Mobile Home - Stewart Bi-Level Model Living room


It’s obvious this home has been well-cared for and appreciated. The owners kept its original vintage charm intact and only updated the bare necessities.


Vintage Mobile Home - Stewart Bi-Level Model steps in mobile home

American Ingenuity 

Bi-level mobile homes are an unique example of American ingenuity.

Mobile homes couldn’t extend beyond the 8-10 foot wide highways but they were able to increase a home’s square footage by going vertical. It was a wonderfully designed solution to a complex problem!


Vintage Mobile Home - Stewart Bi-Level Model (stairs)

By stacking the bedrooms, the designers were able to offer a full-size home that was mobile. The extended height on the end of the Bi-level mobile homes allowed private sleeping quarters and plenty of storage while only losing a few inches of headroom in both the upstairs and downstairs bedrooms. The design still makes perfect sense after all these years!


Vintage Mobile Home - Stewart Bi-Level Model (bedroom


Vintage Mobile Home - Stewart Bi-Level Model (interior)


A full-size bathroom completes the mobile home floor plan.

Vintage Mobile Home - Stewart Bi-Level Model (bathroom)


These Bi-level mobile homes used outstanding design ideas to offer buyers a complete home that was easily transportable. Their sturdy construction plays a big factor in their longevity – quality materials and smart construction techniques, as stated in the Stewart advertisements below, created a long-lasting home that has stood the test of time with the right owners caring for it.

Stewart's 2 Story Mobile Home


Stewart's 2 Story Mobile Home Ad


Stewart wasn’t the only manufacturer to offer 2-story mobile home designs. Pacemaker was another popular builder. They used the same designs – the bedrooms were stacked together to create the 2-story aspect of the design. Here’s one of their ads:


Pacemaker Bi-Level Mobile Home


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  1. Sandy

    Wow!! I have never seen or even heard of two-story mobile homes before! But after seeing these photos I think they are awesome and it would be so cool to have one of these. Thanks so much for posting this and for all of your other great articles! I live in a 1994 doublewide that we paid cash for and have been trying to renovate for the past 5 years, and seeing what amazing things people have done with other mobile homes really inspires me! Hopefully one day my home will be nice enough to feature on your blog!

  2. d

    This Stewart Gardner bi-level was purchased by my wife for restoration. It’s new home is at Lakeland Park on Lake Elsinore.
    Restoration in early 2017

  3. ellen

    I seen a pink and white by-level when I was growing up and I have always wanted one. The one I seen ended up burning but, I remember it being a 1969. It was a 3 bedroom and I can still see it in my mind. I would love to find one and buy it. But, It’s only a dream for me.

  4. Danielle

    I recently purchased a 1966 Stewert bi-level that looks much like the one in the article. I am wondering if anyone knows if the ceiling tiles are asbestos tiles. I am going to have samples sent for testing but wondered if anyone else knew.

  5. Dave Gregory

    So much better designed than current tiny houses with their lofts and ladders. What a treat. That oven is a flat out scream. Kudos to the owner for keeping it original.

    Great job as usual Crystal.

  6. Earl Healey

    You do such a great job on this site!! Please keep up the good work and keep those fantastic vintage articles coming. You have a dedicated fan in Salt Lake City.

  7. V. Dinsmoore

    Great article on the “tri-level” and “bi-level”…I’ve actually never seen one…only in ads. I’ll keep looking…they must be very rare. Thanks for keeping us inspired to do more with less!

  8. Theresa Glover

    Hi, Crystal. This was a great article about a great home. I enjoy following your site on Facebook. Keep up the great work. Theresa Glover


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