Two Story Mobile Homes – Vintage Advertisments

Back in the good ole’ days, mobile home designers were not scared of innovation. Hundreds of mobile home builders were competing for sales and the first company to come up with the newest, biggest, or most unique mobile homes were going to be most successful.

Several well-known and respected builders released two-story mobile homes in the 1950’s as an answer to the highway restriction that plagued the industry.

US highways had an 8′ wide restriction on mobile homes – meaning all mobile homes had to be less than 8 foot wide to legally use the national highway system. This restriction is the reason mobile homes didn’t have hallways. Naturally, privacy was a concern for families living in mobile homes full-time and the builders needed to find a remedy.

They couldn’t build out so they built up. 

A popular design concept was two story mobile homes, aka the bi-level or tri-level mobile home or the double-decker. These homes were an answer to a couple of different problems. The first was the issue of width. Until 1954, 8 foot was the maximum width allowed on national highways. The other was space efficiency. Going up allowed more living space and mobile homes that were bigger often sold better.

Two Story Mobile Home Ads

Here are the most popular vintage advertisements for two-story mobile homes:

2 story mobile home - stewart

1956 41 foot pacemaker tri-level - two story mobile homes

Tri-level vintage trailer brochure

1956 pacemaker tri-level trailer

Cardinal two story mobile home

Lighthouse duplex mobile home

Magnolia home and a half - bi-level trailer

Pacemaker 50 foot tri level mobile home

Pacemaker's 34 foot tri-level mobile home

Regent's bi-level mobile home

Stewart's 2 story mobile home


Vista-liner smoker 2 story mobile home

Gardner 2 story mobile home

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