RV Awnings You Can Make and Buy

Camper awnings

RV awnings are a great way to add protection from the sun and rain. They also provide privacy, protect you from critters, and even spruce up the look of your rig, too. In my opinion, RV awnings are a necessity if you own a camper. You can buy a fancy remote controlled retractable awning or … Read more

5 Cool Canadian Manufactured Homes Listed Online For Sale


This month we are moving North and featuring 5 cool Canadian manufactured homes we found online. When we started our research for this month’s listings we couldn’t help but notice the prices. It turns out, according to the CBC, the median sale price of a mobile home in Vancouver was $169,950 in 2017, and it … Read more

The 5 Main Benefits of a New Roof

Your roof suffers more damage than any other part of your house. The elements will cause your roof to age more quickly than you want, whether through prolonged sun exposure, dropped objects, or thunderstorms. A new roof can lessen the damage, but it can be challenging to justify the expense, particularly if your roof doesn’t … Read more

What Refrigerator Brands Break the Most: Quick Anti-Rating

When choosing a refrigerator, the first thing people pay attention to is the brand. A familiar brand is usually more trusted. But this is not always right because a popular manufacturer of good TVs can also make kitchen appliances. At the same time, some brands specialize exclusively in kitchen equipment and are not widely known. … Read more

Quick Guide for Manufactured Home Buyers

Manufactured home buyers odyssey exterior

There is so much for manufactured home buyers to consider when getting ready to make such a big purchase. That’s why we have put together this quick guide of questions to ask yourself and your family before heading to a lot to look at homes. What’s your Budget? The first thing manufactured home buyers need … Read more

Cheat Sheet to Classifying Your Manufactured Home as Real Estate in Every State

Manufactured home as real estate new home

The methods to classify a manufactured home as real estate varies for each state. These differing rules often leave mobile homeowners wondering what exactly their next steps should be. There are several things that must be done to a manufactured home before it can be considered real estate, including: The home must be permanently affixed … Read more

Cedar Siding on Manufactured Homes: $500 Reclaimed Siding Remodel

Cedar siding on manufactured homes is a popular trend. Today, we’re going to feature a great manufactured home makeover project using reclaimed cedar siding at a cost of less than $500.00. You’re gonna love it! We’ll share some helpful tips and links about cedar siding, too. Using Reclaimed Cedar Siding on Manufactured Homes Roland and Lori Hopkins dreamed of … Read more

How to Seal Heating Ducts in a Mobile Home to Save Money

Make airtight duct connections in your mobile home

Sealing heating ducts in a mobile home with forced-air heating is one of the best DIY home improvement projects you can do. It’s fairly easy, doesn’t cost a lot of money, and has tremendous benefits. You can save a ton of money by sealing heating ducts in a mobile home! We’ll give you easy step-by-step instructions on how to … Read more