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Mobile Home Improvements that can Increase the Value of Your Home

The real estate market has been a little wild since Covid swept the nation. CoreLogic shows that the median US home price rose 18.1% in...

Landscape Stone Ideas for Mobile Homes

I recently painted my 1978 mobile homes' siding and skirting matte black and learned an important lesson; rain splashes mud onto the exterior...
An interior of a new house or flat, furnishing a new home concept.

Tips for Moving into a New Mobile Home

There's something uniquely daunting about staring at a mountain of belongings that need to fit safely into boxes. It's easy to fall into one...

Smart Multi-Function Furniture that’s Perfect for a Small Mobile Home

The three of us, two adults and pre-teen, lived in a 1978 single wide with 696 square feet of living space for 7 years....
Santa Rosa Nw Patio E

Affordable Exterior Design Ideas for Sustainable Outdoor Living

Explore the latest outdoor living trends, from shade solutions to edible gardens, and discover how to create a sustainable and stylish outdoor space.
1988 Skyline Double Wide - Complete remodel - Manufactured Home Interior Design - Second Bathroom After Remodel 2

Tempered Glass Shower Doors 101

Tempered glass isn’t mentioned much in home improvement but it’s used a lot more than you’d realize. It’s probably all around you or even...
Garage Air Compressor

Air Compressors are Vital in Mobile Home Remodels

Air compressors play a vital role in various industries and construction processes. Most importantly for a mobile homeowner, air compressors are used to power...
questions about mobile home subfloors - what a mobile home looks like under the subfloor

How to Replace Subflooring in a Mobile Home: Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to replace the subfloor in a mobile home step-by-step in this informative article. Discover the materials and tools needed for a successful DIY project.
1973 double wide

1973 Double Wide Undergoes Major Renovation

This 1973 double wide undergoes a major renovation and it is absolutely gorgeous! Get inspired for your own mobile home renovation.
maximize counter space island

Maximize Counter Space in Your Mobile Home Kitchen With These 5...

Making the most of the space in your mobile home kitchen can be challenging. However, you can maximize counter space creatively and make your...
1983 single wide couch

1983 Single Wide is a Farmhouse Beauty

There's so much to love about this 1983 single wide! Get inspired and learn more about the housing market in Florida.

2024 Farmhouse Decor Trends: Modern and Rustic Fusion

Discover how to incorporate the evolving farmhouse decor trend into your home in 2024 with a mix of modern and rustic elements. Get inspired!

Top Manufactured Homes for Sale in Oregon: Retro, Updated, and Like...

Explore the top manufactured homes for sale in Oregon, from retro dreams to practically new gems. See what these homes have to offer before they're gone!
rv makeover ideas

5 Inspiring RV Makeover Ideas To Consider Before Your Next Adventure

Looking to spruce up your RV? These 5 makeover ideas will help you transform your camper into a comfortable and stylish home on wheels! #RVmakeover
1984 chic tiny home exterior

This 1984 Chic Tiny Home is Amazing

This 1984 chic tiny home in a 55+ community in California was sold this summer for $74,504. At only 625 square feet, this...