1954 Pacemaker Trii-level Mobile Home Remodel - after paint

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  1. Hi there, I am the owner of this trailer, Ellie. Thanks so much for this wonderful article and for all the comments. I am sad to say that I am losing the land my trailer sits on due to unforeseen family circumstances. I was going to let the trailer be sold with the land but it looks like my family has something else in mind, so I am seriously thinking of selling my wonderful trailer that I love so much and letting someone take her off this land. Moving it here, the tow truck driver scraped the tail end and I had to repair it. I am not sure how road worthy it is, But I towed it in worse condition for over 150 miles. The tires would have to be put back on and it would take some work to get her out of here but I am willing to sell her to anyone interested in giving me a good price. I have been living in it for 8 years now and am still living in it today. Everything works fantastic. Even has a brand new frig and microwave. The wiring was upgraded before I bought it. You can see how much I have done to it. I am willing to take a respectable offer. If you are seriously interested lets talk about it. I was told by an air-stream restoration lady from Sonora, that my trailer as it sits is worth $45,000 but if properly restored to factory would be worth about $120,000. I do not know how true that is but I do think she is worth something and I am willing to take a proper offer. Thanks so much. I want her to go to someone that will take care of her and not let her rot. I want her to be with someone that loves my trailer as much as I do. It breaks my heart to have to give her up. She is in Amador County CA. in the Sierra foothills and looking for a loving home. Thank you!!

    1. Werr you able to keep your land that is so unfortunate and heartbreaking! Hopefully you were maybe able to keep your trailer pr found a proper family for it. I would love one of these .

  2. I live in a 1968 Town and Country Split Level mobile home – That my parents bought brand new in January 1968 – it has been home to me since the day we moved in (Saturday February 3, 1968). I might have left at times, but I always came home. Now that my parents are gone it is my full time home. I wouldn’t live in anything else.

    It has been moved several times over the years and is now in Phoenix, Arizona. I was hoping to move it to California someday – now that I am retired. I then could about say that my home is a true American Home since it would have crossed the country. We moved them in the old days, now they just sit.

    1. That is a wonderful story John. How very cool to be living in it all your life. My trailer here, was made to be taken to Alaska, but it never went and ended up somewhere near Nevada City, CA. and moved around there for a while. Now she is here in Jackson, CA and I have to sell her.

      1. Eleanor
        Thank you for your reply. It is a shame you have to sell your home. Maybe some day some one will take it to Alaska.
        Thanks again and have a good day.

  3. Crystal, in all your resources, do you know of any website for buying vintage trailer homes (for those wanted to refurbished and reuse? There are a lot of sites out there with vintage homes but they never seem to be up-to-date. I began inquring about a unit, only to learn it was posted two years ago and never updated. Then I learned the owner had finally just junked it. What a shame. And, a waste.
    I love all the comments about living small and they are all so bang-on. There is immense freedom in simplicity. So, I just wondered if there was any meaningful source of vintage homes for sale that you might know of? Thanks

    1. Hi Randy!

      I think the best resource for you will be Search Tempest. Search Tempest allows you to set alerts for keywords like Spartan Trailer, Airstream, vintage mobile home, vintage camper, etc either nationwide or within a certain area on both Ebay and Craigslist. You can get an email daily or weekly.

      Craigslist is the probably the most updated ad listing online so you won’t have to worry too much about outdated ads- they make it really easy for a seller to take the ad down once it’s sold. Problem was, you had to search for whatever you wanted in each area (WV only has 2 sections but I’ve seen some states have 20+ towns listed separately and you’d have to search each one. Search tempest solves that problem completely.

      Here’s the link to Search Tempest: http://www.searchtempest.com/

      It’s really easy to use! They also have a Search Tempest for automobiles. Just type in your keywords (vintage camper, vintage mobile home, etc.) and how far you’re willing to drive to buy and it will do the rest for you.

      In addition to Search Tempest I know of the following:

      – Tin Can Tourist Classified Ads: http://www.tincantourists.com/classified/

      – Little Vintage Trailer: littlevintagetrailer.com

      – Oodle: http://rvs.oodle.com/1965m/for-sale/trailers/

      -Vintage camper Trailers for Sale: http://www.vintagecampertrailers.com/for-sale.html

      – Vintage Campers: http://www.vintagecampers.com/

      – Vintage Trailer Crazy: http://www.vintagetrailercrazy.com/

      I bought my vintage 1965 Airstream last year off of a local Facebook page/group called something like ‘Weekly Trader for Southern WV’ (there is a weekly printed newspaper where you call in your ad by phone, I think they just started a FB group). The owner listed it and I commented within 2 minutes. It was meant to be!

      Best of luck! I’m positive the right one will come along for you!

    2. Randy, I don’t know where you live but Richard Oldham in Quartzsite, Arizona has a mobile home sales lot, where he also started selling classic cars, and last I was on that lot he had tons of vintage mobile homes. Tri-levels and all. They fascinated me as I explored as many as I could. I assumed they were trailers he removed from lots or took as trade-in on new mobile homes, he wasn’t actively trying to sell them like he was the new ones. Anyway, here is the website for their cars, you could give a call and ask about the old trailers – http://www.desertgardenscars.com/

    3. I have a tri level 1956 8×40 that we live in. It came with our property we bought in 04. Getting a new dbl wide at end of sept 2017 Want to sell it when time comes. I know the article I saw was old but….. it’s located at 78884. Terrytowntx@yahoo.com

      1. Hi Eleanor,

        Do you still have your home for sale?? Im looking for a 2 story to love and call home.

  4. What an interesting trailer. I’ve never seen one with a second story on it. The homeowner has done a great job of making it her own.

  5. I’ve always wanted to see actual pictures of the inside of these. Thanks. The cutaway was never enough to put it all in perspective. What a great unit !

  6. I have really enjoyed your newsletter. I moved from a 4 bedroom/2 bathroom., to a 2-2 small trailer. I have really enjoyed my new lifestyle. I also added a long porch with 6 post and it looks awesome. I have never lived in a mobile-home park. I also had other folks follow my porch upgrading they are not all as long as mine. I designed since I work in construction. I do have some remodeling I want to redo the cabinets. I just removed the garden tub that was just a dust collector. Anyway thanks for all the ideas. I will be retiring in about 15 years so my home will be paid for in 6 years. I also worked part-time at Hobby Lobby so I see lots of goodies. Space being limited. Any suggestions for hanging a flat screen on the wall. This is for Christmas present for my boys.