5 Of The Best Vintage Camper Remodels On Pinterest

These are 5 of the best vintage camper remodels we recently discovered while browsing online. Each of these older campers had seen better days before their remarkable transformations!

The Sprite

Canadian blogger Jolie bought her vintage 1968 Sprite 400 caravan and spent a Winter giving it an amazing facelift. For around an additional $800 over the purchase price, she was able to turn this dated tiny camper into a bright and cheerful home away from home!

A total update was needed.
vintage camper remodels the sprite exterior
Nothing that a fresh coat of paint can’t fix.
Hard to believe this is the same camper.
So refreshing.
What an adorable exterior.

Jane the Camper

We found Jane the Camper on Instagram (she has her own page!) and we fell in love. There weren’t many before pics except of the interior, but it had a leaky roof, the wood was rotting, it was literally busting at the seams. You would never know it from the finished look though!

Hard to see the potential from this picture!
Shabby chic decor for the win.
Maximizing space is a must.
Good place to curl up for a nap.
It’s like a whole new camper!

The Joshua Tree Suite

Our next find comes from the husband and wife team at Stagecoach Detail and Design, who completely gutted and renovated a 1970 Silver Streak. What we love about this remodel is that the entire style was designed around a blanket picked up at a thrift store!

Sometimes you have to just start fresh.
Lots of work gutting a camper.
But well worth the effort!!!
Love this look.

Sandrzyks_be_trippin in a 1970 Airstream

We have a long history of loving Airstreams so when we saw this completely remodeled 1970 model we knew we wanted to add it to our list. Lovingly named Ruby Jane the Airstream, this renovated Airstream is a beauty and has been all over the country with its owners.

A clean slate for the renovation.
A little decor goes a long way.
Love this table top.
Look how adorable!
Luckily, the exterior of this beauty was in great shape.

Rosie the Vintage Camper

Our final of today’s vintage camper remodels is Rosie. Rosie is a 1969 vintage Globestar camper trailer that was transformed from outdated to modern in 10 short weeks. The owners share that the final cost was around $8,000, including the purchase price of $4,000, shipping for $1,000, and right around $4,000 for the renovation.

Got to love that Gold look.
Functional but very outdated.
Wait till you see the finished look.
Such a transformation.
It’s all in the details.
She even has her own personalized nameplate.

Vintage camper remodels are a wonderful way to turn one person’s trash into another person’s treasure. If you can envision it, you can make it happen!

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