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Diagnose and Repair Common Vent Issues in Your Plumbing System

There is a lot more to a mobile home plumbing system than just water lines and drain lines. The ventilation system is vital to a healthy plumbing system. Without a healthy vent system, your home can suffer a variety of annoying problems. A lot of venting issues are mistakenly thought to be drainage issues in

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5 Common Mobile Home Plumbing Problems

We get a lot of questions about mobile home plumbing problems like slow drains, foul odors, and back flow.  With the information below you should be able to better pinpoint what is causing your mobile home plumbing problem, why it’s happening, and what needs to be done to fix it.  I’ll give you a hint.

1988 Skyline Double Wide - Complete remodel - Manufactured Home Interior Design -Master Bathroom After Remodel

Mobile Home Plumbing Guide

Mobile home plumbing is a bit different than plumbing in a traditional home. As a mobile homeowner it’s important to understand those differences. This article will help you learn exactly how manufactured home plumbing differs from a site-built home and how to repair the most common mobile home plumbing issues. Let me be clear, different

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Fix Your Washing Machine Issues (in a Mobile Home)

We get a lot of questions about washing machines drainage issues. Gurgling, smells, and slow drainage are common because as much as I love mobile homes, the plumbing system design could be better. The plumbing system in a mobile home is very similar to a site-built home with only three major differences: the size of

Federsl Pacific Panel Circuit Breaker Box

Federal Pacific Electric Panels – An Accident Waiting to Happen?

Meet Pam Willis, a fellow homeowner in the process of updating her vintage mobile home. We are honored to have her contribute to MHL! Today, she discusses her experience with a Federal Pacific Electric Panels (breaker box). These panels were used extensively between 1950 and 1990.  Federal Pacific Electric Panels Little did we know when we moved into

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Mobile Homeowner’s Guide to Heat Tape Installation and Safety

The secret to staying warm in the winter is layering your clothes and the same goes for your home’s plumbing lines, you want as many layers as possible between the elements and your water pipe. In this article, we’re covering heat tape. We’ll help you understand why and how it works, how much it costs