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Save money with our mobile home energy efficiency tips.

How to Repair a Mobile Home Belly Board

Mobile Home Repair July 10, 2019 4 Comments

If you’ve ever read the government published pamphlets about a mobile home underbelly or how to repair a mobile home belly board you’ll quickly notice that they aren’t particularly worried about cost. Every recommendation usually ends with ‘hire a professional.’ Unfortunately, regular mobile homeowners have budgets and we can’t just call up a pro every time we need something fixed. For…

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How to Winterize your Mobile Home Like a Professional

Mobile Home Repair December 4, 2018 5 Comments

Winterizing a mobile home means more than just caulking around doors and windows and adding insulation. Most of us already know to do that. The following tips will help you winterize your mobile home like a professional. These lesser-known energy-conservation tips have been tested by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory or NREL, in a partnership with the Department of Energy.…

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Mobile Home Insulation Guide: How to Install Insulation in a Mobile Home

Mobile Home Repair November 29, 2018 14 Comments

Many mobile homes built before 1976 only have between 1 and 4 inches of poor quality insulation if they have any at all. Even if the insulation was installed, many builders left voids and gaps throughout the home. Fortunately, manufactured home builders have gotten a lot better after the HUD code regulations began and, of course, there have been significant…

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Upgrades that Will Reduce Mobile Home Heating Costs

Mobile Home Repair January 25, 2017 12 Comments

Mobile homes are an inexpensive and efficient place to live for individuals and families alike. However, despite their many benefits and affordability, older mobile homes aren’t always so efficient when it comes to home energy needs. Here are a few upgrades that will help reduce mobile home heating costs. A mobile home can overheat in the summer and be extra…

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