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Single Wides

Single wide mobile homes are the original tiny home. They are perfect for small families and couples that don’t need a lot of space. You can buy an older single wide mobile home for a couple of thousand dollars and remodel it into a true dream home and the homes below prove it.

4 Fantastic Tiny Homes For Sale in August

This month we are turning our attention to tiny homes for sale. Whether they are the original tiny homes built in the 60s or the newer tiny homes that have taken over the tiny home movement, these 4 homes from are something special and show just how awesome it can be to downsize. Keep in mind, these homes were available at

These 3 New Single Wide Manufactured Homes Are Simply Splendid

Single wide manufactured homes have come a long way since the trailer houses of the early 1930s. Today's new designs range anywhere from as small as 500 square feet to over 1,000. With many layouts and decor styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Today, we are sharing three single wide manufactured homes that offer different

1976 Single Wide Gets A Remarkable Transformation

When we saw this 1976 single wide on Instagram, we immediately knew we wanted to know more. So, we reached out to Catherine on her little_northwoods_home page, and lucky for us, she was more than happy to share her project details with us. You won't believe what this family was able to accomplish with this small home. Brown, Brown, and More

Farmhouse Single Wide Is A Breathtaking Stunner

The farmhouse single wide we are bringing you today comes from Taylor and her husband who live in Florida. We were lucky enough to find her mobile home farmhouse on Instagram (be sure to follow her page!) and she was kind enough to agree to let us share their gorgeous home. Taylor, her husband, and their toddler are the second owners of this