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These 5 Mobile Homes for Sale in Washington are Winners

Technology is awesome. We can jump on a computer, type in a few words, and see some gorgeous mobile homes for sale in any state. Here are our top 5 mobile homes for sale in Washington in the last couple of months. Three of these mobile homes for sale in Washington sold within a week

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7 Beautiful Bargain Mobile Homes for Less Than 30k

It’s never too hard to find a few beautiful bargain mobile homes for sale on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. These just happen to be our favorites for May 2019. What makes these homes even more special is their price: all 7 mobile homes cost less than $30,000! Special thanks to our friend Steve for sharing

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5 Budget-Friendly Mobile Homes For Sale This Month

There was a time when finding a used mobile home for sale was difficult. Thankfully, the internet changed that. With the popularity of Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and other realtor sites, it’s easier than ever to find budget-friendly mobile homes to buy. Some may require a little TLC while others are move-in ready, but all are fun

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5 Bargain Mobile Homes For Sale that Cost Less than a New Car

Finding cool mobile homes to share is one of our favorite things to do. A valid excuse to look for bargain mobile homes for sale? Yes, please! Not only is it fun to look at mobile homes for sale, it’s also inspiring to see mobile homes that have been remodeled and decorated. Related: Check out

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5 Hot Summer Mobile Home Listings

It’s that time again, time to share some of our favorite mobile home listings that are for sale online. This month there are 5 hot Summer mobile home listings from Craigslist and Zillow that we found online. Related: Our June 2018 Online Mobile Homes for Sale. 1982 Completely Updated Mobile Home for $53,400 We found

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Updated Single Wide Showcases Its Unlimited Potential

One of our favorite things to do here at Mobile Home Living is to showcase mobile homes that have been remodeled and given new life. Our friend Steve, from the Facebook page Manufactured Housing, turned us onto this updated single wide that is a perfect example of the unlimited potential a mobile home can have.


June 2018 Online Mobile Homes For Sale

Online buying and selling have become a huge way to get a good deal. That includes mobile homes. This month our search narrowed down to five mobile homes for sale around the country. Don’t forget, you can find last month’s edition here: Favorite Mobile Homes for Sale May 2018 Edition.  Remember, we aren’t realtors, we just enjoy looking

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Favorite Mobile Homes for Sale (May 2018)

Every month we share some our favorite mobile homes for sale. We love finding interesting mobile homes that have been remodeled to share with you. Our May 2018 edition features five mobile homes that offer an inexpensive path to home ownership and are all move in ready! Also, big thanks to our friend Steve for

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April 2018 Mobile Home Finds

It’s that time again, time to share our favorite Craigslist mobile home finds. Each month we search online to find our top picks of mobile homes that catch our eye. Whether it be for their potential, outstanding remodeling, or just because they are a steal, we love sharing our finds with you! Just a reminder, we

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Craigslist Mobile Homes You Can Afford

There have been a ton of great Craigslist mobile homes for sale lately!  Scrolling through sites like Zillow, Redfin, and Craigslist is a hobby of mine. I love to see how other people live and decorate their homes (maybe I’m just weird?). You can get a lot of mobile home decorating inspiration and remodeling ideas

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These 5 Inexpensive Mobile Homes Have So Much Potential

Many families use inexpensive mobile homes as a ‘stepping stone home’ – they live in them while saving up to buy their dream home. New and used manufactured homes are great starter homes for young families and retirees that don’t want a lot of space to have to maintain. These 5 homes are smaller but

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7 Cheap Mobile Homes: The Original, and Affordable, Tiny Homes

The Oxford dictionary defines cheap as something that is bought at a low cost or worth more than it costs. That’s a fair definition of these 7 cheap mobile homes. They may be affordable but they would make cute homes for anyone wanting to live for a little less. These are the true tiny homes that