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Discover the best decorating tips and tricks to transform your mobile home into a stylish and cozy space.


10 Fall Decorating Ideas you Can Actually Afford (no $150 wreaths here!)

I recently read an article about fall decorating and the first idea was to hang a $150 wreath on your front door. I will never ever spend $150 on a wreath! Since I'm a...
colorful wood as accent walls

Using Accent Walls in Your Mobile Home

Accent Walls 101 Accent walls are a great way to add a little punch to your home! They narrow the visitor's focus and states what the room is all about in single glance. What is an Accent Wall? First things...
Shabby Chic Decor Rachel Living Room 1

Choosing Furniture for Small Mobile Homes

Remember the overstuffed sofas of the 1990's?  They were not made for a small single wide mobile home! My first 'adult' home was an older single wide that was 14' wide and probably around 60'...