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This Shabby Chic Tiny House is Charming

We already know that the tiny home movement is taking the world by storm. And, this charming shabby chic tiny house we found on Instagram and the site is the perfect example to show how much potential there can be in these pint-sized homes.

This particular tiny home is located on a beautiful piece of property in Victoria, Australia. The owner, Dolly, had it custom made in 2017 for $68,000. We can’t wait to share it!

Shabby Chic Decor is Dreamy

Over the years we have shared many remodels that featured shabby chic decor. From Rita, who shared her Romantic Shabby Chic Mobile Home with us, to Rachel Ashwell herself whose Paradise Cove Shabby Chic Masterpiece, we added several years ago. But this is the first shabby chic tiny house we have had the joy of sharing with our readers.

Shabby Chic decor features soft pastel colors with a nice mix of new and vintage pieces to create a nice lived in look. We think Dolly did a great job pulling it all together.

Shabby Chic Tiny House Looking Down
As you can see there are plenty of plants to give pops of color in the space.
Tiny House Interior
A small table and bar stool create a work space for Dolly.
Tiny House Kitchen
For such a tiny home there is still lots of cabinet space.
Tiny House Exit
The french doors lead out to the beautiful scenery.

Maximizing Space While Still Feeling Cozy

Dolly did a wonderful job deciding what she wanted her tiny house to look like. She included a skylight in the loft so that there would be an abundance of natural light, she changed up the ceiling over the loft to break up the space, and added easy to climb stairs to get up to the bedroom.

Tiny House Loft One
The space is the perfect shabby chic combination.
Tiny House Other Loft
A smaller bed on the opposite loft leaves room for storage.
Tiny House Bathroom Look
Bathrooms can be a challenge in small spaces.

The View Isn’t Too Bad Either

The tiny house is right at 270 square feet but as you can see from the images it feels much larger. Placed in the middle of a rented field in Australia, the view is something to see!

Shabby Chic Tiny House Exterior
Even the exterior looks comforting.
Tiny House Porch
The addition of the deck completes this tiny home.

Want to see more of this shabby chic tiny house? Be sure to check out Tiny Miss Dolly on Wheels on Instagram for more tiny home living inspiration!

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