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  1. Loved you comment on what is truly important in our lives. I just sold my home and moved to our lake home that has been a place of so many lovely memories for 25 plus years, and its mobile!!! I loved it then and love it now. Got plans!!!

  2. About the rude people; frankly, those people are not worth including in her life. The more money people have – especially the very well-off, the more cruel, greedy, selfish, and contemptuous they are of everyone else. We have forgotten in this country, that true happiness is a home with love, compassion, empathy, and sharing. I also give great admiration for someone to move to another country. it takes guts, and strength. I would like to say, too, that I love our 1984 single wide, and we live in a cooperative for 55+ and the homes cost more, but our space HOA type fees are $145. Can’t beat that! I have updated every room in our place, and I love it. I also want to pass along there is a great furniture company that makes sofas, loveseats, chairs, sectionals, and they have kid and pet friendly fabrics. You order your pieces, they ship it to you, and it is SMALLER than what you can buy anywhere else. It also has changeable covers, so you can change your entire look. I do not get paid for this referral but I own their furniture. They are HomeReserve.com, they are made in Indiana, and their customer service is awesome.

  3. What an incredible job she has done. Her home epitomizes Shabby Chic, and it’s done to perfection…so warm and welcoming. Incredible that she was able to do all that on such a small budget. I don’t understand why anyone would criticize such creativity and ingenuity!

  4. I cannot understand why people think that they can judge another person just because of where they live. Her home is simply GORGEOUS! I’d be willing to bet that her house is more beautiful than those who have negative thoughts about her. I recently moved into my “vacation” mobile home and I am so happy I did. Don’t get me wrong- there are days where I wish I was back in my 3 story house in the city because the 4 of us seem to trip over each other sometimes. But my health has improved since living a more simple life! I need a place of my own for all of my craft supplies and they definitely can’t fit in my house. That is one downfall of living in a “tiny house”! My husband is building me my very own she shed and I cannot be happier! There are so many ways to live more simply but you have to be smart about furniture that serve multiple functions. This is why I love reading Mobile Home Living. I love to see what everyone does with their homes for inspiration!!

    1. Hi, Sunny!

      It’s good to hear your health is improving! Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a kind comment. It means a lot to me!

      I’m a huge craft and art supplier hoarder so I know exactly what you are talking about. We had 3 people (2 adults and a child) and 3 pets living in a 640 square foot home. I had my husband build me a window seat/storage bench under our dining room wall that held all my art stuff.

      Thanks so much!

    2. The simpler you live, the less stress you have. Too many people buy more than they can afford. You can’t trust the banks, they will ‘qualify’ you for a home that is not really within income. It is best to buy something you can get for cash or quickly pay off. Living with no house payment is freeing. You are less a slave to some job, and can bounce back quicker in emergencies.

  5. Awww, poor? She is so “rich” with an eye for decorating and making her home so comfy looking that says “come in, sit down and have a cup of coffee!!” I’d live in her surroundings before I’d live in some fancy house with a dozen rooms and no comfort appeal!. Beautiful, just beautiful!!

  6. Sweet looking home, so fresh & inviting. Has given me some ideas to use on my own mobile home makeover I’ve just started.

    QUESTION: I seem to have missed your previous article on painting the outside of your mobile home. Any chance you can repost it or tell me how to access the info? Any articles on painting & wallpapering the inside of my home would be much appreciated as well.

    Many thanks

    1. I always use Dunn-Edwards paint for the exterior (usually for the interior too but never use exterior for inside, or interior paint outside). Just tell them what you are painting (mine is the aluminum exterior of old style 80s mobile homes). Rent or get a nice power washer (staying far enough away when using so you don’t dent the siding) and give it a good wash, then let dry, and paint away. A large brush is tedious but covers better. I am a senior and didn’t do my own painting, but we have a guy here in the area who painted it for $800 labor.

      I also painted the inside. I used the wallpaper that is paint-able, and can be used as sizing on the wall for uneven surfaces. I did get the wood putty, and filled in every crack in the paneling to make the surface smooth, but that is not essential. Updates for a very nice budget expense.

  7. her home ia gorgeous no matter what anyone sayspeople just are rude because of jealousy and lack of brains she can come over by me and decorate anytime id be proud to have her help let alone the talent she has i sadly have none her home has greater value then the naysayers have it is absolutely beautiful sorry for rude people just enjoy i know i sure would

    1. Rita’s home is absolutely gorgeous! Her talent is obvious.
      I’d say she has a future in home decorating.

  8. Thank you for the beautiful article, so sensitive and so magical.This house gave me lots of luck ….
    Xoxo Rita Lavoe

      1. Crystal,thank you for the affection.I’m here for anything,and you’re invited to visit my mobile home…

  9. I love this house and she deserves to be recognized worldwide for her beautiful work .Especially for not having too much in life and have turned everything so valuable….

  10. The homeowner did a wonderful job of transforming her family’s home into a shabby chic paradise. Rita is one talented lady. I love the french doors leading into the bedroom.

  11. I was so sad to read she is considered poor. Her home is so beautiful. She seems like a beautiful person. I know rich people who would spend thousands of dollars to even have one iota of her beautiful decor. The outside of her home is adorable too. Thank you for sharing.