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1978 Double Wide Is A Sensational Retro Vibe

It always thrills us when we find homes like this 1978 double wide that has been updated but still has all the original features that made those 70’s manufactured homes so special. Located in Palm Desert California, at a listing price of a whopping $399,500 the views alone from the home are enough to make us want to pack up and move, too bad we aren’t 55+ yet!

This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Mobile Home

The avocado green that could be found in almost any home, manufactured or not, back in the ’70s did not have the same vibe that can be felt as soon as you step into this 1978 double wide. And that retro feel didn’t stop there, from the furnishings to the accents everything you see screams 70s to us.

Lots of light and bold colors fill the entire space.

As you continue walking through the rest of the interior it’s just like stepping into a time capsule, there is even a small wet bar ready for entertaining guests. The listing doesn’t say if the home comes furnished but if it does then all we can say is WOW!

Martini anyone?

Both of the bedrooms continue with the 70s feel but in very different ways. The first bedroom is full of light but still has the color scheme that is carried through the home. The second bedroom is darker but it also has a lot of the same vibe that you can feel in the rest of the mobile home. We love them both!

This bedroom is light and bright, but still retro-ish.
Notice the ceiling and walls both painted the same color?
Who doesn’t love a screened-in porch?
1978 double wide exterior
This alone would be enough to sell the home!

A few years ago we shared another cool retro home located in the Iconic Blue Skies Village, which was originally founded by none other than Bing Crosby! You can see more about the retro home we shared and a cool video about the community here.

We hope you loved the retro vibe from this 1978 double wide as much as we did. Remember, if you see a home you think our readers would like to see, comment or send us a message. We are always looking for manufactured homes to share.

As always, thanks for reading Mobile Home Living®.

Kim Alley
Kim Alley has been a part of Mobile Home Living since 2017 and has written over 300 articles for the site.



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