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Welcome to Mobile Home Living, the nation’s #1 resource for mobile home remodeling ideas, repair and improvement help, and decorating inspiration. There are tons of awesome vintage mobile homes and campers, too!

We don’t just show you a photo and give you a dead link like Pinterest – we research, interview homeowners that have remodeled their homes themselves and question licensed experts to help us with every article. We have written more than 535 articles about decor, repair, finance, transporting, and mobile home remodeling ideas for every size, shape, or style: primitive, contemporary, shabby chic, traditional, rustic, Southwestern, mid-century modern, and transitional.

Living within your means is a respectable lifestyle and should be commended, not stigmatized or stereotyped. We live in mobile homes just like you and we are proud of our affordable homes. Without a huge mortgage, we have been able to travel, save for our kid’s futures, and have a little less stress worrying about our finances.

We are Mobile Home Living and we are mobile home proud!