Retro Interior Designs

I have been loving all the retro interior designs and vintage ads popping up all over the web so I thought I’d share some interior pictures of long ago. The range of styles are vast but the one thing that can’t be denied is that all these styles have resurfaced recently. 

Based on these photos I have found and on what my wise grandmother once told me, all fashion and decor styles come back every few decades. What once was will be again! I guess that rings true for all fashions: hair, clothing, cars and homes.

The top photo shows the use of stone work on the fireplace and wooden beams on white ceilings and those are very popular ways to update a home today. The emphasis on wood is not so popular but it could come back any day now!

The next 2 photos amazed me. I though modern and contemporary was something that came out in the last decade or so but the photos prove that the same style was used years ago.  Both are clean styles with an emphasis on color and I love them both.

I see a modern kitchen yet it’s a decades old photo. This is a great lesson about how styles come and go, sometimes with a new twist or new colors, sometimes not. Personally, I hope the clean and simple look stays around a while.

What’s your favorite blast from the past that you see in today’s designs?

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  1. Angelina Barbara says

    Nice decoration!! Seems very attractive and your grandmother has said right that all fashion and decor styles come back every few decades. I agree with her. Thanks

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