Whimsical, wild, and original are some adjectives you could use to describe this single wide makeover. This single wide is a very soon to be Carolina Beach, NC vacation rental. I applaud the owner for doing it, too. Being unique is great for that business. It’s as cheerful as it is memorable. It screams fun and carefree and it’s gotta keep you from taking life to seriously. A weekend in this setting is sure to make the blues go away.

Hand-painted by a talented lady that goes by MONA! She owns her own shop in North Carolina and also sells her popular and unique wares through an Etsy shop online. She has been featured in Huntington Post. Her unique, one of a kind pieces of wearable art, furnishings, shoes, accessories, and art have an ever-growing following. Her projects have ranged from studios to cars and now, this single wide manufactured home.

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I found this home on Houzz. If you’re looking for inspiration for remodeling or updating your home, this should be your second stop (of course Mobile Home Living would be your first).

I bet you won’t soon forget this home. It really appeals to me for it’s funky, colorful style. I imagine that a weekend in this home would produce immense inspiration and an outlet to wild creativity. Boldness would be embraced and fun would be guaranteed. Add water, sand, and sun to the mixture and you’ve got a winner!

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