This Florida double wide is beautifully decorated in a great contemporary style.

Owned by Rich Quick and his partner, the home sits in a great 55+community in Lost Lakes Cocoa, Florida. It’s a 2006 model double wide with two bedrooms and two baths. They were able to buy the home in a short sale for $59,000. Once they bought it, they quickly turned it into a manufactured home inspiration.

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The interior of this home is superb!

The subtle wall colors paired with simple, yet elegant, furniture and decor is a perfect match.

Florida double wide- (dining room)


Florida double wide-(decor)


Florida double wide-Florida double wide-FL Remodeled Manufactured Home Shines Bright (furniture and decor)



Notice the great trim and attention to detail in the home?

Details make a home!

Trimmed in the right size, molding can add a lot to a manufactured home. It creates focal points that can lead the eye to the top and bottom of a wall, giving an added illusion of height.

Upgraded interior doors can also add a touch of modern to a home. You can purchase a new dimensional interior door or create your own. We shared a great manufactured home interior door makeover here

Florida double wide-FL Remodeled Manufactured Home Shines Bright (living room)


Richard gave us lots of great tips and ideas for creating a beautiful manufactured home. Here’s his advise:

After downsizing to a space 1000 square feet less than my previous residence, I thought for sure I would have a hard time using  large scale furniture. To my surprise the large scale pieces in the smaller space just make the space look bigger. They also gave me the chance to enhance the vertical space without over powering the rooms.

  • Using mirrors let the light reflect throughout the space as well as reflecting the nearby rooms. I was able to create a hallway where there really wasn’t one to transition from space to space.
  • Repeating picture frame color and sizes brought the living room and dinning area together while still having two separate spaces.
  • Extra kitchen cabinets wrapping into the dinning area gave me enough storage that I could keep the counters free of clutter.

Moral of my story is you can downsize and still be big and bold!

Florida double wide-FL Remodeled Manufactured Home Shines Bright (kitchen)


Modern Screened Room

The screened room is just as great as the interior! A Florida double wide demands a screened-in room also called a lanai. They are practical installments for manufactured homes and perfect for those muggy afternoon showers that are so common in the Sunshine State.

Richard gave the screened room a modern look by replacing the screens with floor-to-ceiling windows. Going from screen to window instantly adds style and function, especially for a Florida room.

Florida double wide-FL Remodeled Manufactured Home Shines Bright (screened room)

Richard was kind enough to give us a breakdown of the cost of the new lanai.

“We replaced the room with vinyl windows, placing the windows to the floor. That created a floating modern space. Our installer said he never installed windows to the floor, so I went to the fabricator with him and we created four tracks for four connecting windows that slide up and down with ease. Then to soften the feel the cement floor we used Ikea interlocking exterior wood tile. Finally, we replaced the home depot cushions with custom made so that we could truly relax in comfort.”

The total cost for the new screened room was less than $5000:

  • Windows installed $3100
  • Floor Tiles $1200
  • New Cushions $600


Florida double wide-FL Remodeled Manufactured Home Shines Bright (windows installed in screened room)


Florida double wide-FL Remodeled Manufactured Home Shines Bright (screened room decor)

The night view is magnificent!

Florida double wide-FL Remodeled Manufactured Home Shines Bright (night time screened porch)


What a gorgeous manufactured home and a great example of the beauty and potential that factory-built homes have. With the right tools and attitude, you can do anything!

A big thanks to Richard and his lovely partner for allowing us to feature their Florida double wide, and thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

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