If there is one thing renaissance woman Gloria Merrick knows, it’s remodeling. This California real estate investor and house flipper has a knack for taking the old and making it look new again. Her motorhome RV makeover is a perfect example of that.

This 1987 RV affectionately known as “Leila” was completely gutted, remodeled, and flipped.

First Impressions

From the outside, this RV looks like all the others. The inside had definitely seen better days. Stained carpet, dreary black kitchen cabinets, and lime greenish walls met you as soon as you opened the door. The bathroom was nothing special either. The bedroom was painted an unflattering shade of green.

Gloria had some work to do!

motorhome RV makeover - exterior

 motorhome RV makeover - bathroom before

 motorhome RV makeover - sleeping area before

motorhome RV makeover - interior before

Out With The Old

Gloria started her motorhome RV makeover by replacing the flooring. The linoleum and carpet were ripped out and replaced with hardwood flooring and a new carpet remnant for the driver’s section.

motorhome RV makeover - new flooring being laid

While removing the flooring, Gloria found that several places had suffered water damage. Leaks are common in the RV world, especially older RVs. She replaced the damaged wood before repainting.

For this motorhome RV makeover, Gloria wanted to lighten up the kitchen area. The original cabinets had been painted black with brass hardware. She removed all of the cabinet faces and hardware and used metallic Rustoleum spray paint for the hardware and a white satin for the cabinets.

motorhome RV makeover - dinette area before

 motorhome RV makeover - cabinets getting painted

In With The New

Gloria used paint to freshen the walls for her motorhome RV makeover.  A light mint was used in the main room and kitchen and a bright white for the bedroom.

The passenger riding seat was removed and a comfortable lounging chair was put into its place.  A curtain was put up to separate the driving section with just a string of rope because the size of the space made it impossible to find a rod to fit the area.  After the cabinets were painted and rehung new countertops were placed.  The dining table was removed and a sofa table was purchased from a thrift store and put in its place.  A couch was salvaged from a garage sale and after the legs were cut off it was a perfect size for the sitting area.

After the newly painted cabinets were rehung Gloria replaced the countertops.  The dining table was removed and a sofa table was purchased from a thrift store and put in its place.  A couch was salvaged from a garage sale and after the legs were cut off it was a perfect size for the sitting area.

motorhome RV makeover - kitchen during

motorhome RV makeover - bathroom after

The finished 1987 motorhome RV makeover is pretty awesome!  The entire space flows together and makes you feel right at home.  I especially love the bedroom or the “gypsy den” as Gloria lovingly tagged it.

There is plenty of sleeping room and more cabinet space over the bed then what she initially thought.

motorhome RV makeover - sleeping area after

motorhome RV makeover - interior after

motorhome RV makeover - interior 2

motorhome RV makeover - interior 3

motorhome RV makeover - interior 4

This RV is definitely ready for an epic road trip!

You can follow Gloria on Instagram here and read her real estate blog here.

Want to see more Camper remodels: Check out Chantel’s Colorful Camper Remodel!

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Kim Alley

Kim Alley has written several articles for Mobile Home Living and has lived in a manufactured home for over 20 years.

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