Landscape Stone Ideas for Mobile Homes

I recently painted my 1978 mobile homes’ siding and skirting matte black and learned an important lesson; rain splashes mud onto the exterior and it shows up quite a lot. Like a lot lot.

I bought a cheap roll of landscaping fabric from Walmart for a quick fix and then looked online for ideas that fix my problem but looked great and was beneficial to the soil and the plants I have and plan to have.

The two main choices for my particular problem was mulch and landscaping stone.

I quickly learned that landscape stone is better than mulch in just about every way. Unfortunately, the upfront cost for stone is greater than mulch but the long-term cost of not having to replace it year after year as well as the benefits to the soil and plants offset that initial cost by quite a bit.

In this article we’re going to look at the different types of landscape stone, share some gorgeous landscaping ideas for mobile homes in and out of parks, and lastly we’ll cover some the maintenance and care basics.

Landscape stones possess a timeless appeal. From the humble pebble to a mighty boulder, they add a touch of the natural world to our designed outdoor spaces. Whether serving a practical purpose or purely decorative role, landscape stones inject texture, color, and an undeniable sense of permanence to gardens, paths, and patios.

The true beauty of landscape stones lies in their inherent versatility. They can be bold or
understated, rustic or elegant, playful or structured. This adaptability makes landscape stones a powerful tool in a homeowner’s landscaping arsenal. With careful consideration and a bit of creativity, they can seamlessly blend into the existing environment or become dramatic focal points – the choice is yours.

Types of Landscape Stones

The world of landscape stones is surprisingly vast, offering a variety of textures, colors, and sizes to fit any design aesthetic. Let’s explore some of the most popular choices:

River Rocks

Smoothed by the relentless flow of water, river rocks boast rounded edges and a pleasing tactile quality. They come in a spectrum of colors and range from small pebbles to larger
cobblestones. River rocks are perfect for dry creek beds, garden borders, and creating a natural look around water features.


Composed of tiny rock fragments, gravel offers fantastic versatility. Its fine texture makes it ideal for pathways, patios, and as groundcover in low-traffic areas. Gravel’s color palette spans from warm earth tones to cool grays.


These substantial landscape stones make a dramatic statement. Landscape boulders command attention as focal points, create natural-looking retaining walls, or add a sense of wildness to a meticulously manicured garden. Their imposing size and irregular shapes add an undeniable sense of permanence.


Known for its flat, slab-like form, flagstone is often used for patios, walkways, and stepping stone paths. It comes in various colors and can be arranged tightly for a seamless surface or with intentional gaps for a more rustic look, allowing plants to peek through.

This is just a sampling of the possibilities. Exploring your local landscape supply store will reveal the wonderful diversity of landscape stones available.

Design Ideas and Inspirations

The beauty of landscape stones lies not only in the material itself but in the boundless ways they can be incorporated into your outdoor spaces. Consider a simple gravel path – its gentle crunch underfoot, the way it subtly defines a route through your garden, becomes a design element in its own right. Similarly, a dry rock bed mimicking a stream offers visual interest and guides the eye, even without the presence of water. Let it meander through your landscaping, creating the illusion of movement and drawing the eye towards a destination.

Boulders have an undeniable presence. Use a single majestic specimen as a commanding focal point, or integrate several boulders of varying sizes to mimic a rocky outcropping, adding depth and complexity to your landscape. Place them strategically to create a sense of mystery – partially concealed by lush greenery or positioned at a natural bend in a path.

Flat stones like flagstone offer a canvas for creativity. Arrange them in a classic, tightly-fitting pattern for a formal patio, or create a whimsical stepping-stone path with wide gaps filled with soft moss or creeping thyme. And don’t overlook the vertical dimension! Landscape stones can form retaining walls that terrace a hillside, double as seating, or become the foundation of a cascading water feature. The soothing sound of water tumbling over rocks adds an ambiance of tranquility to any outdoor space.

Practical Considerations

While landscape stones are undeniably beautiful, achieving both enduring style and functionality requires careful planning. Consider the size of your space – large boulders might overwhelm a small yard, while pea gravel could get lost in a sprawling expanse. Think about the overall aesthetic you’re aiming for. Do you prefer the warm tones of earth-colored river rocks or the sleek coolness of gray slate? Texture plays a role too; smooth stones offer a modern feel, while rough, pitted surfaces lend a rustic quality.

Placement is key. Map out the area where you plan to use landscape stones. Will they be a defining element, like a flagstone walkway, or a supporting feature, like river rocks edging a flower bed? How heavily trafficked will the area be? This influences durability concerns – delicate stones best serve purely decorative areas, while paths need to withstand foot traffic.

Preparation is often the difference between a successful project and one that requires constant upkeep. Proper ground leveling ensures stability, especially for elements like pathways or retaining walls. Invest in quality weed barriers to prevent unwanted greenery from sprouting between your carefully laid stones. Consider edging materials – whether it’s metal, plastic, or even a row of carefully positioned stones – to define borders and prevent gravel or mulch from migrating in the wrong directions. This initial effort minimizes frustration and maintenance headaches down the road, allowing you to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Maintenance and Care

Landscape stones are supposed to withstand the elements, but a bit of regular care goes a long way in preserving their beauty and ensuring they serve their intended purpose for years to come. While maintenance needs will vary slightly based on your chosen stone type, most require a relatively low-effort approach. A simple raking to remove fallen leaves and other debris will prevent buildup that can dull the appearance of your stones. Periodically check for weeds, especially along borders or in the spaces between larger stones, such as those in a pathway of landscape stepping stones.

Over time, natural weathering may give your stones a patina or change their color slightly. This can add a sense of charm, but if you prefer a brighter appearance, occasional washing with a mild detergent and water can restore their vibrancy. In areas subject to heavy foot traffic or weather conditions, you might need to periodically reposition or add a fresh layer of gravel or smaller stones. This keeps pathways and patios looking neat and prevents bare patches from developing.

With a watchful eye and just a bit of occasional maintenance, your landscape stone elements will continue to be a source of enjoyment and a worthwhile investment in your outdoor space.


From the smallest pebbles to the grandest boulders, landscape stones have the power to
transform your outdoor space. They add texture, define areas, guide the eye, and bring a
timeless element of nature into your designed environment. Their versatility is astonishing – enhancing a simple flower bed or becoming the cornerstone of an elaborate water feature.

Whether your style leans towards the rugged and wild or the polished and refined, there’s a landscape stone to suit your vision. Don’t be afraid to experiment, to play with contrasting colors or mix sizes and textures. If you’re in the Columbus area, a visit to a local stone center Columbus can be a great source of inspiration. Explore your garden with a fresh perspective – envision a winding pathway, a rock-lined pond, or a charming dry creek bed. Let the beauty and practicality of landscape stones spark your imagination. Enhance the functionality of your outdoor space while creating a place that provides joy and a sense of connection to the natural world.

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