My Hearts Song Kitchen

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  1. After my husband retires and we get serious about remodeling (which hopefully will include a new front porch, a screened in dining porch and a deck at the back), then I'll get back with you. Right now, all there would be are "before" photos. Let's wait for the "after".

    However, might I suggest you visit Becky Shultea at to see how she and her husband remodeled their mobile home? The above url is to her blog. This one is for the remodeling:….

    I'm going to leave a comment on her blog with your url.

    She's a commercial artist and did a great job with, not only the mobile home, but also a portable building she made into her studio.

    Really enjoy your blog here!

  2. Oh, I would love to walk through her house and take in all the
    pretties she has. I would love to have another blogger's home to
    feature…hint, hint! Let me know!!

  3. My husband and I have visited in their home, and I assure you, it looks even better in person. Buzz and Geneva are wonderful, inspiring people, and have excellent taste.

    I'm glad she let us know about your blog. Very good posts.
    My recent post Vintage Valentine with a Horse

  4. A MANSION!!! 16 x 80' and manufactured in the 21st century!!! You are truly blessed….from a 14 x 60'…20th century!!!

  5. I just checked your blog and awesome home out and I just emailed you.
    Your next on my stalking list to feature..Let me know!!! Thanks for
    commenting and reading!

  6. A MANSION!!! 16 x 80' and made in the 21st century!!! You are truly blessed….from a 14 x 60'…20th century!!!
    My recent post All Ready for Santa

  7. I'm so happy I found this blog, I too have recently bought a mobile home. My husband and I are slowly redoing it room by room. The wonderful pictures you have shared give me a lot of hope. Stop by my blog some time and check out our progress so far.

  8. Andrew, I completely understand! I feel the same way. I think the last
    2 homes that I've been lucky enough to share have really made this
    blog explode and become the blog I have always wanted it to be: A
    place to show the world that living in a mobile home can be just as
    fantastic as a mansion. Thanks so much for being a loyal reader, I
    have no words to portray how much I appreciate you!

  9. There aren't enough words, in any language, to adequately convey how mesmerized I am with this place. Thank-you for sharing this featured home!

  10. Thank you again! You did a wonderful job and Buzz and I really appreciate your kind words.
    I can't wait to see what you do next… so glad I found your blog.
    My recent post Mirror Mirror on the Wall