Never mistake simplicity for poverty.

In this post, I give you some wild and wonderful examples of the best in mobile home ingenuity.

I cannot fathom why some of these were designed and in others, I see clearly that it remedied a problem in a unique way. I’ll leave the judging to you. I personally love them all!


People never fail to amaze me (which is a GOOD thing).

Mobile Home Ingenuity-heating system

Doesn’t matter how you heat a home, as long as you stay warm (but the insurance agent is never gonna cover that!)


Mobile Home Ingenuity-trailer on stilts in water

The fishing is great!

Mobile Home Ingenuity-trailer on stilts

I bet the view is gorgeous!

Mobile Home Ingenuity-camper in water

Looks like a great way to travel down a river to me.

Mobile Home Ingenuity-trailer over home
The beginnings of a great home! Hey, I see lots of potential here.

While researching for these photos, most of the sites I found them from were making fun of them. Now, I may not be the smartest person in the world but I bet the people making fun of these ingenious problem-solvers sure as hell wouldn’t have thought to do it themselves.

Never mistake simplicity for poverty or ignorance.

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6 thoughts on “Mobile Home Ingenuity”

  1. I have been checking on how to purchase and attach a shipping container to our single wide. It is the perfect size to add much needed footage to the living room. I love how inventive people can be when it comes to their homes. I can just picture a semi trailer home with camper bump-outs and a's awesome in my mind, I may just have to research that and see what I can find…thanks for commenting! Come back soon!

  2. I think only those people who have the "I'm better then you's" would make fun of anything so awesome and would pay to get to stay in that one above the water, that would be perfect way to spend a weekend fishing! Thanks for reading and comment..hope to see ya come back soon!

  3. I wouldn't make fun of them. You never know until you've done it yourself… I like the one on stilts above the water.

  4. I totally agree Elvirah, they are some good ideas here! I would love to be in the highest one…I could really see the stars up there! Thanks for visiting and come back now, ya hear?!?

  5. Indeed the pictures you have posted are wonderful and i must say i am seeing something like this for the first time. I wish i had a roof top mobile home where i can have a beautiful view of nature.

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