Never mistake simplicity for poverty.

In this post, I give you some wild and wonderful examples of the best in mobile home ingenuity.

I cannot fathom why some of these were designed and in others, I see clearly that it remedied a problem in a unique way. I’ll leave the judging to you. I personally love them all!


People never fail to amaze me (which is a GOOD thing).

Doesn’t matter how you heat a home, as long as you stay warm (but the insurance agent is never gonna cover that!)


The fishing is great!

I bet the view is gorgeous!

Looks like a great way to travel down a river to me.

The beginnings of a great home! Hey, I see lots of potential here.

While researching for these photos, most of the sites I found them from were making fun of them. Now, I may not be the smartest person in the world but I bet the people making fun of these ingenious problem-solvers sure as hell wouldn’t have thought to do it themselves.

Never mistake simplicity for poverty or ignorance.

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