Mobile Home Living In Florida

We hope you have been enjoying our weekly series exploring mobile home living across the country! Last week we took a look at Mobile Home Living in Michigan. This week we are talking about Mobile Home Living in Florida.


The Facts About Mobile Home Living In Florida

Florida has long been a popular retirement option for seniors, with one of the highest number of mobile home communities in the country. We found some interesting facts at Mobile Home Village about mobile homes in the state:

  • The average price of a pre-owned home:  $47853
  • Average model year of a pre-owned home:  1992
  • Average pre-owned home size in square feet:  1157
  • The average number of sites in a community:  233
  • The average year a community was developed:  1977
  • Number of age-restricted communities:  954
  • Number of all-age communities: 662

According to an article from CNN in 2009, Florida mobile homes make up almost half the home type in at least two cities in the state. In an overly populated area, Floridians have found an inexpensive housing alternative, mobile homes!

mobile home living in florida (2)

The Mobile Home Buying Process in Florida

Where to Begin

Thinking of buying a mobile home in Florida? The Florida Manufactured Housing Association website is a great place to start. The site not only offers a consumer home buying guide, and they also have a listing to help you find an approved service provider for services such as real estate agents, financing, as well as mobile home services such as pest control and HVAC services. They are a wealth of information for all things mobile home in the state of Florida.

Florida MHA
2958 Wellington Circle N., #100
Tallahassee, FL 32309
(850) 907-9111

The Titling and Registration Process

The titling of a mobile home in the state of Florida requires the same forms as titling a vehicle. The process can be completed at the Florida DMV. There are also numerous titling agencies that can help with the process as well. Florida laws does state that the dealer who you purchase your new mobile home from is responsible for the initial title application.

Every mobile home in the state of Florida must be registered with a fee and a decal attached to a window that is visible from the exterior of the home. Just like a car registration this registration fee is due either annually or biennially by the last day of the year.

Purchasing a Used Mobile Home

If you are purchasing a used mobile home from a buyer there are several steps you will want to take to be sure that the mobile home tile is free and clear. We found this article on Mobile Home Investing that explains the steps to transfer a mobile home title:

Before buying:

  • Verify seller has the title(s), and he/she is listed as the owner
  • Check for back taxes
  • Check for hidden liens
  • If inside a mobile home park aim to speak with the community manager to 1.) become park approved, 2.) verify the seller is current on all payments, 3.) ask for a copy of the park rules, 4.) ask if lot rent is increasing in the near future, and 5.) if the park manager see any needed improvements to the mobile home if/when you purchase the home?
  • If the tile is missing or there is no title contact the DMV for your next steps

At Closing:

  • Make sure all required paperwork is available. Including the bill or sale and title or titles (if a multi-section home there will be multiple titles

After Closing:

  • Take all paperwork to DMV to transfer ownership
  • If a lien is to be placed on the mobile home, the clerk will do this at the DMV as well
  • Pay applicable taxes to receive the required decal for your mobile home

Retiring a Mobile Home Title In Florida

If a mobile home is permanently added to a piece of real estate, the mobile home title is eligible to be retired. They are then issued a real property decal from the local tax office. The application to retire the title can be found at the Florida DMV site, and the following documents must include the form:

  • The certificate of title from the state of Florida
  • A lien satisfaction for the lien on the face of the title (if applicable), or a statement from the lienholder that such security interest will be released upon the retirement of the certificate of title (if applicable).
  • The legal description of the real property and if the property is leased, a copy of the lease agreement.
  • A sworn statement by the owner of the real property stating that he/she is the owner of the mobile home and the home is permanently affixed to the real property per state law.

The following infographic from Old Republic National Title Insurance Company will help to clarify if you should retire your mobile home title:

mobile home living in florida-retiring a mobile home
Info about retiring a mobile home title.


Taxing of Mobile Homes in Florida

The state of Florida offers a resource regarding the taxation of mobile homes. Keep in mind, Florida taxes mobile homes in three ways. A mobile home will be:
• Assessed and taxed as real property;
• Subject to an annual license tax; or
• Assessed and taxed as tangible personal property.

We recommend talking to your local tax office in your county or community for details.

Complaint Resources for Mobile Home Owners in the State of Florida

If you have an issue with your mobile home and haven’t been able to get it resolved with the dealer or manufacturer the state of Florida has a complaint process in place to help resolve issues. You will need to download and file a written complaint at the following:

Bureau of Mobile Homes and RV Construction
Division of Motor Vehicles
Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
2900 Apalachee Parkway, Mail Stop 66
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0640
PH: (850) 617-2808
FAX: (850) 617-5191

After the complaint is reviewed the bureau will be in contact for further information and to schedule an inspection. The following must be included in any complaint:

1. Name and mailing address (if different than the physical address of home location) and an active
daytime telephone number.
2. Copy of the sales contract provided by your dealer at the time of the sale.
3. Name and address of the home’s manufacturer and the complete serial number of the home.
4. A brief description of the problems you are experiencing with your home and the dates you
have spoken to the dealer/manufacturer.

You can also contact the Federal Manufactured Housing Dispute Resolution program for help if you are unsure:

Office of Manufactured Housing Programs
Office of Risk Management and Regulatory Affairs 
US Department of Housing and Urban Development
451 Seventh Street, SW, Room 9168
Washington, DC 20410-8000
Telephone: (202) 708-6423 or (800) 927-2891

FAX: (202) 708-4213

A Look at Mobile Home Living in Florida

Our favorite part of our weekly series of Mobile Home Living Across the Country is taking a look at some of the beautiful and unusual mobile homes found in each state. The mobile homes we found this week can all be found on Zillow.

mobile home living in florida-water view
This mobile home park sets by the water for the perfect view.
mobile home living in florida-screen in porch
A screened in porch is a necessity in Florida.
mobile home living in florida-hurricane ready mobile home
This mobile home is ready for high tide and any storms coming inland.

Related: Storm Safety: Preparing your Mobile Home. We hope we have answered a few of your questions regarding Mobile Home Living in Florida. Have a question we didn’t answer? Comment below, and we will try and find the answer for you!

Watch for next weeks installment, we are continuing our look at Mobile Home Living in Florida. We will be taking a look at Florida’s growing population and the mobile home communities they reside in!

Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living.


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  1. chuck says

    What great information about buying a mobile home in Florida. I now wish I would have read this before I bought 3 years ago. All turned out well but this article would have saved plenty of my time and worries. My only “problem” with mobile home living is that our HOA board changing agreed to regulations and by-law as there wish – many a community vote have been overturned.

    Again GREAT article – filled with difficult to find information.

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