mobile home living in pennsylvania-double wide

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  1. We bought a doublewide it is on so.eone else’s property there r a couple other mobile homes on property 40 acres spread out we all pay monthly lot rent we r like them no foundations moveable now we got our taxes the first one is 400 then school is 1000 my neighbor’s used to b the same but they filed somthing and there’s is now 75 dollars and 300 dollars can tell me what they filed and why they said an attorney came through a few years ago and cut all the mobile homes taxes by 60 plus percent confused in Armstrong co pennsylvania

  2. i was given a mobile home ( single wide) and would like to put it on my property here in indiana county PA. what steps do i need to take or legal requirements are there to do this. meaning what do i do , who do i notify etc.

    1. Hi Melissa,

      The moving company you hire to transport the home will usually take care of all that for you. Be sure to get at least three estimates and read all the reviews on a company before you choose a mover. Best of luck!

  3. If our adult son and his 10-year-old ever move out of our house (a 4bdrm 2-1/2bath 3story townhouse), my wife and I plan to downsize to a 1 or 2 bedroom single wide. And since we live in central Pennsylvania, this article was quite helpful to us. Thank you.

    1. I need help. The manufactured home I bought in 1993 is attached to a full basement. I was told it was a modular home by the owner. I was young and foolish. Anyway 30 years later my husband and I retire. A wonderful active airman wanted to buy the house. Offer was accepted and everything was moving beautifully until I got a call today telling me we have no title release on the home. Title? I have a deed not a title with the PA DMV. I called the DMV and the first lady said there was no title on the house..the 2nd lady asked if I had a VIN#.. no but i had the serial number. She wouldn’t confirm if there was a title or not but if i wanted to find out id have to fill out a form that would take way longer than the 7 days we have to close and move into our new home in SC. I have been paying over $3400 a year Real Estate Taxes on someone else’s automobile???? They say I am not the owner. I paid for title insurance, appraisal, inspections, put two new Bathrooms, a $12000 roof, a 13000 beautiful pool and deck and they are saying I dont own it and have no rights and cant sell it. The original male seller is dead and I’m assuming so is his wife or she is in her late 90s and their children will not return my calls or texts. What can I do? Do I need the vehicle title if my home has always been attached to the land it is on? When I thought I might have a manufactured home I went to tax assessment office because I was paying the same as new brick homes. I asked if my house was considered manufactured…they said NO and told me never to say that.

      Please help me

      1. Hi Lisa,

        This sounds like the a simple mistake where the home has been classified as real estate but the state somehow never entered that the title had been surrendered so it’s still in the DMV system as personal property/mobile home/vehicle but it’s real estate at the tax assessors office. This shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

        You’re going to need to go to the manager of the DMV and have them correct the mistake. Your tax records alone should be enough proof to show that the mobile home was indeed reclassified as real estate before you purchased it. If there’s nothing you can do you’ll need to have the DMV and/or the assesors office write a letter or fill out a form proving to the new buyer’s finance company that it is considered real property and not personal property.

        A lot of people misunderstand and misuse the words modular with manufactured. I’ve noticed it’s more of a regional thing and double wides are considered modular and single wides are mobile homes. The difference is that modular had to pass local inspection/codes and manufactured homes only have to pass the national HUD codes. Therefore, modular homes are always considered real property. A manufactured home is only considered real property if it is permanently installed on the land and the title is surrendered so that it can be taxed like any other home. If I had to guess, the person that sold you the home had no ill intentions – they just misunderstood the differences.

        Best of luck. Let me know how it goes!

        PS every state is a little different. I’m familiar with how WV works but not so much PA.