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A Look at

The Texas Trailer Remodel

Endless potential.

Endless potential‘ is the phrase that best describes single wide mobile homes. You can transform them into any type of home and that point is proven with this Texas trailer remodel.

The owners had the single wide trailer, as the architect called it, sitting on a 300-acre heritage farm in Texas for years, using it only for weekend getaways. When the time came to retire, they chose not to build a new home, but to transform the single wide into a magnificently modern, and equally amazing home, instead.

The trailer remodel was designed by Ignacio Salas-Humara Architect LLC and found on their profile.  They focused on disguising the single wide’s typical rectangle shape and breaking up the long lines. The architect states that inspiration for the transformation came from the surrounding area’s farm, ranch and agricultural structures such as barns, sheds, and feed mills.

By using fairly affordable materials and adding several cleverly placed additions, they knocked it out of the park!

single wide trailer

Front Entrance

The original front deck stayed but received a new roof held up with the cedar posts and 2×6’s. The original front door was extended to add additional light for the home and a stone patio was installed on the ground to extend outdoor living space.

single wide trailer remodel before and after entrance

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Below you can see a close up of the new roofing over the front deck. 12 feet of glass was used in the replacement of the front door, making the small living room seem bigger by connecting the outdoors.

single wide trailer remodel porch

Back of the Trailer

The rear of the single wide already had a small addition attached that was used as a dining room. The windows were replaced with doors on all 3 sides of that addition and a large deck was built during this trailer remodel. The original back door to the right of the addition leads directly to the kitchen and was simply replaced.

single wide trailer exterior before and after shot

The modifications on the back of the home gave the homeowners a grand outdoor living space. This maximizes the natural lighting in the home and reduces the separation between the interior and exterior, allowing ample views of the beautiful natural surroundings.

single wide trailer entrance

The railing around the deck is stainless steel cable with galvanized pipe handrails added to 6×6 cedar posts.

single wide trailer sheet metal exterior

Every detail was carefully planned for this trailer remodel. Convenience for the newly retired couple was of utmost importance and the architect even offered the homeowners a very smart solution for trash removal. Below you can see the owner using the trash receptacle. The trash drops directly into a wheeled trash bin and can be easily removed from the carport.

single wide trailer remodel trash bin

You can get a close look at the 6×6 cedar columns and beams with exposed 2×6 cedar rafters as well as the galvanized pipe hand railings in the photo below.

single wide trailer decking

single wide trailer exterior shot

single wide trailer remodel exterior4

The carport marks the entrance to the home and the architects featured its importance with a pergola and walkway.

single wide trailer roofing and siding

single wide trailer remodel exterior 2

Cattle panels were used for the vines to climb around and galvanized pipe and Speed Rail fittings were used to make the gate. They used recycled brick and flagstone for the walkway.

single wide trailer remodel exterior 3

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Interior of Trailer Remodel

Of course, the interior is just as amazing as the exterior!

An office was a large addition added to the single wide during this trailer remodel. A high ceiling structure with lots of windows and decking on 3 sides makes this a perfect place to get some work done!

single wide trailer interior office

Below is the dining room. The three doors were once just windows but the replacement allowed the beautiful trees and surroundings to be seen from the inside. It’s a great way to bring the outdoors in.

single wide trailer remodel interior entrance

The home had dark wood paneling throughout and since the budget didn’t permit replacing it all, they simply painted over it to lighten it up. The flooring is real oak but they were able to save a lot of money by using surplus from a local flooring contractor. All the flooring in the home is oak end pieces and leftovers!

Last but not least is the stove that had its own little nook built on the back of the home so it wouldn’t take up living space. It adds warmth and allows that gorgeous oak behind it to be viewed.

single wide trailer remodel furnace

So, what do you think?

Personally, I’m green with envy but I know that someday my home could end up to be just as beautiful. After all, this started out as a simple single wide and take a look at it now!

As always, thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living! 

Crystal Adkins created Mobile Home Living in 2011 after buying a 1978 single wide and searching online for mobile home remodeling ideas but finding very little. Today, it's the most popular resource in America for mobile home information and inspiration and has been visited over 40 million times.



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