Unforgettable Mobile Home Living Room Couch

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      1. I would like to get the videos that are mentioned; please share how I might get them. And, thank you very much. My husband has died and I anticipate moving (downsizing) into a mobile home very soon. I’ve loved the country, shabby chic, french – you name it – looks for so long; I hope to retain many special items that my husband and I traveled many miles to hunt and buy.

      2. Hi Norma,

        They are on the bottom of the post. Just click on the “Inside the Workspace Video” “Inside the Living Room” and “Inside the Kitchen”


  1. BEAUTIFUL AND INSPIRING! My question is concerning your floors… what material did you use for your flooring? Thank you for inviting me into your home! It was a real pleasure. susan

  2. Imagine my surprise as I was surfing your web site to actually see my house! Wow what an honor! I’ve always loved my home and find that you can do anything to a mobile home that you can do a stick built house! Thanks for the feature!
    Theresa Smith

    1. Hi Theresa! It’s an honor to finally get to speak to the owner of this beautiful home! Your home has been such an inspiration for me. You certainly have a talent with decorating and hope to one day get your home featured properly here on MMHL. I’ll be contacting you ;)

      Thanks so much for commenting!


  3. Hi Shirlee! I wouldn't change any home if I knew I wasn't going to be
    in it for long either, I would save my money for that forever
    home…but for those that pretty much know they are keeping their
    mobile for life there is no reason to not have that home exactly how
    they want it..a little paint, a little work here and there and you
    would have to be happier in it.

    The owner does have a great eye for the salvaged architectural
    things…lots of different non intended use going on in there, I love
    it and just wanted to show all the new readers (from the giveaways)
    what MHL was all about..

    Thanks so much for being a regular reader and commenting! I can't
    express how much I appreciate you!

  4. Hi again, did you know Theresa has a blog called Time Worn Interiors on Blogger? There is a link to her old blog countrygardens-theresa-smith on the sidebar. Just wanted to give you the heads up in case you weren't aware. I think the content is mostly related to their antiques business but I don't follow it regularly.

  5. Hi Debbie! This is a very inspirational lady and she makes a wonderful
    spokesman for all mobile homes..I just can't get over how awesome it

  6. Love the story and she is 100% right. I love my mobile home. Its on our own land and we can do what ever we want to it just like a stick built.