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The Unforgettable Mobile Home, Part 2

I wrote a bit about this gorgeous double wide in Kentucky back in the fall. I had found it on Country Living’s website. I wasn’t able to find too many photos at that time, I was new to blogging and didn’t know what I was doing ; ). The photos I did show were so inspiring and has been one of our most popular posts.

If you missed it, don’t worry, not only have I found more photos but I also found 3 videos!
Teresa Smith turned her double wide into a gorgeous home and the popularity that she is getting from it is well deserved and such an inspiration for all of us that live in manufactured homes. Her creativity and eye for detail is making heads turn and minds change quickly!
In one of the videos the owner, Teresa Smith, says “ I don’t think a mobile home is any different than a house. I mean these walls are sheetrock. I don’t think there’s any difference at all. There’s not. Just do what you want to do. Feel free. I mean people live in their homes for years and don’t do what they really want to do. They worry about resale value. Well, are you going to live your whole life worrying about that? You’ll never be happy with your home. I mean I have never been happier with the place than I am here. This is my favorite of all. My favorite. The least expensive and my favorite.”  I absolutely agree with her, too! The only difference is that our homes are built in a factory and brought to us. Meaning they are more environmentally friendly and more affordable (and the negative resale value of a mobile home is actually very misunderstood, they do appreciate! I have found some very interesting statistic on appreciation and I’m writing the post right now, I’ll post it soon).

Manufactured homes are a wonderful option 
and anyone that thinks differently is simply uneducated on the matter.

Dining Area and Kitchen
Master Bedroom

I have found 3 videos that show everything in the kitchen, studio and living room along with interviews with the owners.  I’ll link to them all so you can really see this gorgeous home.

Inside The Workspace Video

Inside The Living Room

You can see a lot more of Theresa’s gorgeous home and shop on her blog at TimeWornInteriors, a great home decorating blog! 
As always thanks for reading Mobile Home Living!

Source: All Photos by Keith Scott Morton

All photos found at Country Living
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