Smokey Mountain Double Wide

The idea of a “home” makes people see different visions prancing in their heads. Some have modern, sleek, retro, rustic, country and city. Mine is a twisted version of them all.
Noelle Moser and her family live in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains in East Tennessee and this is her Smokey Mountains double wide.
She loves to garden and tries to live as much as possible off their 1 acre property. They have veggie gardens, berry bushes, and even adding fruit trees later.
In order to tend all of these bushes and gardens they needed free tillers and fertilizer so they built a chicken coop, and what a beautiful one! She calls her females her backyard girls.
They have 13 Buff Orphington Hens and One Rooster named Roy. He is a better watch dog than a dog and takes very good care of our ladies. They lay large brown eggs to the tune of 7-11 per day.
Our coop is named the Country Clucker so they just naturally started calling their home “The Country Clucker.”
Mrs. Moser also home schools her two boys so she absolutely has to make the most of her space. Their dining room table is both used as a school table and and a dining room table.
The school desk table is next to the dining room window and the dry erase board
on the wall.

“I am so glad that we have a rather large space for the dining room so it can be used for two purposes,” she stated.

The chandelier hanging in the dining room was from Lowes, it is 5 light chandelier with a touch of a country charm to it. They have it wired into a dimmer switch so they can adjust the lighting. Brighter light for school work and softer light for dining and other times.
She has painted the walls a very light brown. In the entry way, she has her grandmothers Dunken Fife antique dining table and the hutch across from it. She loves her living room because it is cozy and yet very open and roomy. Her family spends a lot of time there.
Noelle’s home is not stuffy, it allows the kids to be kids and give them their own space. I love that!  Here’s what she had to say about it: “I have two boys, ages 6 and 7. So naturally they share a room. Their room is small but not too small. In order to make the most of the space I had to be creative.” It serves the purpose with imagination and whimsy, always a wonderful combination.
“First the beds had to be bunked, then get a loft and throw in a desk, second dresser
and a book shelf for max space use. They love their bed set up and it serves
many purposes.” I envision lots of fort making going on in there!
She shares “They love space, so for their room we chose a cosmic blue paint for their walls
and a professional mural artist friend of mine came in and painted the spaceship, stars and planets. She is very good. Then to maximize even more space I bought an interlocking metal cube system and usedit to use some of the vertical space in their room. It can hold a lot of weight and store a lot of toys, book, etc. Their room gets lots of compliments by their friends and parents saying that it is a “cool” Room.”
 I choose a country cabin theme for my master bedroom. It is such a large room
that a dark color was needed in order to bring it in some. So we chose a country burgendy
for our walls in the bedroom and the same light brown that was in the living room for the master bathroom. Seeing that it is a large room I thought that two colors were needed to add some interest.
Lighting is all purchased at lowes from their cabin in the woods theme lighting. Bedside
lamps are lanterns mounted on the wall, and one mounted above the bath tub.
The chandelier between the master bath and room is also from Lowes. It is wired onto a dimmer so we can control the lighting.

I hope you enjoyed touring Mrs. Noelle Moser’s home!
As always, thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living.