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I’m Crystal Adkins, the creator of Mobile & Manufactured Home Living, aka Mobile Home Living or MHL.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

I hope MHL is a welcoming and informative resource for you. I hope it becomes a place where we can all be proud of our homes, share all the great things about them, and support each other.

I try my best to offer articles that are relevant and helpful to all manufactured homeowners. I take the advocacy of manufactured homes seriously because our homes, and the people that choose to live in them, deserve to be respected.

About Mobile Home Living’s Creator

About Mobile Home Living - Creator, Crystal Adkins

I was raised in southern West Virginia by a single father that worked in the same underground coal mines for 39 years. Yep, I’m a coal miners daughter named Crystal Gail – all ya’ll country music fans should get that reference!

My best accomplishment, besides this site, is my 12 year old daughter named Livingston Grace. She’s an awesome kid that has so many talents and I can’t wait to see which one she uses to make the world a better place!


livi at new river gorgeHere she is Liv at the New River Gorge Bridge in Fayetteville, WV.


Why I Started Mobile and Manufactured Home Living

I started MHL after we bought a 1978 model single wide and I looked for ideas online but found nothing. Our single wide is 12 foot wide and 58 foot long, for a total of 696 square feet.

Our plan is to remodel the mobile home into a beautiful, modern home. Once we settled in, I started searching online for ideas and examples of mobile home remodels but I didn’t find much at all.

I saw a void and figured I would try to fill it. MHL evolved from there and is now the most popular manufactured home decor website online!

I’m very proud of this site. I think it’s important that manufactured homes be seen in a positive light and their advantages be known so that keeps me motivated.


Our Mobile Home

Here’s our mobile home! We still have a lot of work ahead of us but I’m very happy with it so far! We don’t have a mortgage and that is AWESOME!

Here’s the kitchen and dining room when we first bought our home:

kitchen before makeover

kitchen counter before makeover


We built the deck quickly after we moved in:

mobile home before painting the siding

Then we painted the siding, you can read about here. We have lot more great plans!

mobile home after painting siding


Here’s our living room. I joke that my favorite style is ‘Pinterest’ cause there’s just so many great ideas there!

1978 single wide living room after makeover

Notice my single wide on the top of the right bookcase? My good friend Susan gave that to me, it has a light in it!

I love it!


living room after makeover

 Izzy, the Boston Terrier wonder dog, is a sweetheart!


The kitchen needs a lot more work though new paint and floors were a huge improvement.

kitchen after makeover


We have about a half an acre on the outskirts of a small WV town. Here’s our backyard:

side yard
back yard

Our front yard and neighbor:

front yard

Mobile Home Living’s Mission

The mission of MHL is simple – to provide mobile and manufactured home remodeling and decorating ideas, home improvement help, and other relevant information for all makes and models of factory-built homes.

Affordable housing is needed more than ever and these homes are not the tin cans that some people think of – they are real homes built with similar framing and roofing that stick-built homes have. They just happen to be placed on a steel chassis with wheels.

Other Great Websites 

While you’re here, I wanted to share a few really great blogs that are written by some awesome ladies and gentlemen living in and remodeling their own manufactured homes. Every one of them are great examples of mobile home living at its finest. They have been so kind to me and have allowed me to feature their homes here on MHL. I hope they know how much I appreciate them!

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MHBO.com – The easiest way to buy, sell or rent a manufactured home

The easiest way to buy, sell or rent a manufactured home Nice layout, easy-to-use. Lots of helpful features. View stats on a home you are selling, keep an eye on price changes on homes for sale. Get notified by email or text when new homes hit the site.


In closing, I hope Mobile Home Living has helped by giving you inspiration, tips, or ideas for your own mobile home update or remodel.

If you don’t own a manufactured home, I hope it’s given you a closer look at the homes and a better understanding of them.

I want Mobile Home Living to become the go-to site for all things mobile and manufactured home and would greatly appreciate your help.

Please allow me to feature your own mobile or manufactured home remodel or makeover, whether it be the whole home or just a room. We need more great manufactured home ideas and inspiration.

You can also tell your friends and family about MHL and share our articles on your Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you. I appreciate you reading MHL!


Livi and I


PS I’m always looking for homes and projects to feature! Any and all inspiration is appreciated! Please email me at crystaladkins@mobilehomeliving.org.


Thank you so much!