Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas to Transform Your Manufactured Home

If you own a manufactured home, chances are you didn’t have many options when it comes to customizing the decor when you bought it. But, you can give your home a brand-new look by incorporating modern farmhouse decor. From choosing the right color palette and incorporating natural material, to adding vintage accents and incorporating modern

wall painting ideas girls bedroom

Wall Painting Ideas to Transform Your Room Into A Work of Art

Your room is your sanctuary, a place where you can express your personality and creativity. One way to elevate your room’s aesthetics is through wall paintings. In this blog post, we will curate a collection of inspiring wall painting ideas to help unleash your inner artist and create a unique ambiance in your room. Whether


5 Stunning Manufactured Homes For Sale In Texas

This month we travel to Texas where we are sharing 5 stunning manufactured homes listed for sale. It wasn’t easy to narrow it down to just 5, there were almost 3000 homes listed on the Realtor site when we were researching this article. From fixer-uppers to homes that are completely remodeled or brand new, the

Peel and stick wallpaper for kids: Safe and non-toxic options

When thinking of adding some flair and character to your house, you always have to think of eco-friendly and safe options. Almost everything is made of toxic chemicals that are not good for the body and the environment. If you are thinking of changing the look of your house, removable adhesive wallpaper should be your

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Achieving Timeless Home Decor Style in Your Mobile Home

Timeless home decor can be easily defined as interior design that never goes out of style, or shall we say, “can stand the test of time”. Built around the right essentials it can easily be updated by just changing accessories or accents over time. Let’s take a look at 5 elements that will help you


Landscaping Ideas for Mobile Home Park Residents

Landscaping can be a tad difficult if you live in mobile home park. Most communities prohibit planting trees or deep-rooted perennials and for good reason, roots can damage underground pipes and footers. But you can still create a gorgeous yard or outdoor living space without breaking park rules. Read on to discover our favorite landscaping

Update Your Manufactured Home Decor with Area Rugs

A manufactured home is a bit different from a site-built home in terms of construction and design. Where the site-built is manufactured step by step on the site itself, the manufactured home constructed in an enclosed building and then transported to the desired location. As they are distinct, the ways to decorate them with area

How To Find Your Perfect Home Decor Style

Finding your perfect home decor style can be tricky business. There are so many different decorating trends and classic styles to choose from it’s hard to know which one will be the right fit. That’s why we have put together a list of simple questions to help you narrow it down. Related: Hot Color Trends

California Cool Decor Ideas to Turn your Manufactured Home Into an Oasis

If you are trying to come up with a decor style that fits your home, you may want to consider California Cool decor, especially if you are trying to create a relaxed but stylish combination. Today we are sharing some easy ways to achieve Cali coolness in your own home. Defined by Homes and Gardens

affordable mobile home decor ideas for college students

Affordable Mobile Home Decorating Ideas for College Students

My daughter is just starting her fall semester at Converse College, so I thought it would be nice to share some affordable mobile home decorating ideas for college students. Students need to express themselves while also having a good place to study. I lived in a 1974 single wide while attending Marshall University in the

How to Use Downlights in Your Mobile Home

Using different lighting sources in your mobile home is a smart idea. Downlights have been used by interior designers for decades. They’re especially useful in rooms with low ceilings because they can make ceilings appear taller. Why Use Downlights At Home Whether you want to improve lighting in your modern home or want to make

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33 Beautiful Backsplashes in Mobile Homes

Choosing the right backsplash is a lot easier when you can see exactly how it will look in your home. That’s why we’ve collected over 30 beautiful backsplashes in mobile homes only. Installing a new backsplash can completely change the look of your kitchen. It’s also one of the best DIY projects for a beginner.