1978 Double Wide Is A Sensational Retro Vibe

It always thrills us when we find homes like this 1978 double wide that has been updated but still has all the original features that made those 70’s manufactured homes so special. Located in Palm Desert California, at a listing price of a whopping $399,500 the views alone from the home are enough to make


1963 Vintage Trailer Sees a Transformation

Back in 2021, we caught a glimpse of this 1963 vintage trailer on Instagram and instantly knew we wanted to share it with our readers. Lucky for us the owners didn’t forget us! Thankfully, when they decided to place the mobile home up for sale after the remodel, they reached out to us and we

1950 westcraft vintage trailer exterior

This Amazing 1950 Westcraft Vintage Trailer Will Knock Your Socks Off

First, let’s take a look at the details: 1950 Westcraft Vintage Trailer is a 33’ dual-axle park trailer that was built by the Westcraft Manufacturing Company in Burbank, California. It served as an example of the longest model offered during the company’s nine years of post-World War II trailer production. The Westcraft brand was introduced

1963 sabre after

1963 Sabre Is A Mid-Century Dream

If you are a fan of vintage homes then this 1963 Sabre is for you! Not only is it rare to find a vintage home with good bones to remodel, but it also includes a rare find, two pullouts. Located in New York state, this home has been completely renovated top to bottom, inside and

2 story mobile home - movie set

Two Story Mobile Homes – Vintage Advertisments

Back in the good ole’ days, mobile home designers were not scared of innovation. Hundreds of mobile home builders were competing for sales and the first company to come up with the newest, biggest, or most unique mobile homes were going to be most successful. Several well-known and respected builders released two-story mobile homes in the 1950’s as an

Vintage Mobile Home Postcards

Wish You Were Here! 35 Vintage Mobile Home Postcards

Postcards were almost as important as the trailers when travel trailer first hit the scene. They were essentially the Facebook of the time. Families and friends traveling in their campers would send postcards to everyone they knew to let them know they were safe and having a wonderful time. A little deliberate bragging was always

How the Mobile Home Stigma Began

The early 1940’s was a challenging time for United States of America and trailers industry. Our country was headed to WWII and rations were put in place in order to produce the necessities needed for the war. The mass-produced trailer was still in its infancy – factories had just begun producing trailers in 1936 so there

Airstream on road

Mobile Home Owners Have Been Doing it for Almost a Century 

Maybe I’m getting old and grumpy. But every time I see an article about how digital nomads are trailblazers of a completely new lifestyle my eyes roll a bit. I’ll give the writers a little credit for the fairly cool name they’ve given to the ‘trailblazers of a completely new lifestyle.’ Digital nomads is a


1963 Budger Mobile Home Has Plenty of Curb Appeal

We always love to see older mobile homes being given new life, and this 1963 Budger mobile home remodel is a perfect example. This remodel is full of inspiring projects while still keeping some of the original charms of the home. Located in an all-ages mobile home park in California, this rehab became the project

Rolling Mobile Home

Unique Vintage Motor Homes

Mobile homes a great way to achieve the American dream of owning your own home. These unique vintage motorhomes are becoming popular because they allow people to living a more simple life and travel around the country. In a previous post, History of Mobile Homes, we spoke about the invention of mobile home design and innovation. Today, we are

1968 Mobile Home Remodel Creates Ultra Modern Interior

We came across this 1968 mobile home remodel a couple of weeks ago and we were in total awe of the amazing job that the homeowners did on gutting this entire interior and transforming it into this ultra-modern home. Listed on realtor.com for $83,000 the description states: Great for retirement or just low cost island