1953 Spartanette Mobile Home Restoration Video

Here’s a video that shows a great vintage mobile home restoration of a 1953 Spartanette.  Spartan’s are one of the most popular vintage mobile homes and for good reason; they’re well-built and beautifully designed. Plus, the Spartan Aircraft Company is a great American story of industry and innovation.

Getting your hands on a Spartan that has been maintained fairly well is difficult. If your dream is to own one, you should be prepared for a hunt. The good ones are picked up quickly! The others are usually picked up quickly as well and then prepared for a complete mobile home restoration to take place. It’s a hobby, a business, and a passion. Some lucky people have made their living restoring mobile homes and campers!

There’s an entire culture in the US that revolves around vintage campers. . They meet all over the country pulling their beauties and talking to other owners. The Tin-Can community is one of the largest and has over 7,000 members on their Facebook page. If you own a vintage camper or mobile home you might want to consider becoming a paying member of some groups. It’s a great way to meet people and to see beautiful vintage campers and mobile homes.

Here’s a few groups you might want to check into:

Tin Can Tourist at www.tincantourist.com

Sisters on The Fly at www.sistersonthefly.com

Old Trailer at oldtrailer.com

Birchwood Beauties at www.birchwoodbeauties.com

These are the most popular and each one shares schedules of shows and meets so check to see if there’s any in your area. It’s a great way to make new friends.

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