Beautiful Single Wide In Oregon

This Oregon single wide home is gorgeous! Everything about it is beautiful; the lawn, the patios, and the home create a perfectly polished property. And that’s just on the outside, the interior is just as awesome!

These photos remind me of a train model build. You know, those photos of the little miniature towns and mobile homes? At first, that’s what I thought I was looking at.

Once I got sight of the interior I knew this was the real deal!

It happens to be for sale in Aurora, Oregon. The tall trees and lush green are indicative of the Northwest.

Oregon single wide mobile home for sale surrounded by gorgeous green property

Perfectly green surroundings. Nature has always provided the perfect privacy fence!

Beautiful Oregon single wide mobile home - exterior

Oregon single wide mobile home for sale - green lawn

Oregon single wide mobile home for sale

Beautiful Oregon Single Wide Interior

This Oregon single wide has a great mix of shabby chic and old world tavern style. Think flea market fabulous with a shot of vintage. Regardless of how you describe it the combination makes for one beautiful home!

The pale muted walls and ceilings along with the bold flooring choice allow the unique decor to really shine. I just can’t get enough of this home!

Oregon single wide

Notice the terracotta floor?

New Windows = New Home

Installing new windows makes a huge difference in older mobile homes. The modernize the home instantly. Windows are the best investments for older mobile homes because it changes both the interior and exterior and can reduce energy consumption by a significant amount.

Windows are the best investments for older mobile homes because it changes both the interior and exterior and can reduce energy consumption significantly.

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Oregon single wide - Terra cotta floors and mint green walls

The warm fall colors mated with the minty green are a perfect combination for this Oregon single wide.

Oregon single wide interior

Interior of Oregon single wide

Oregon single wide - beautiful bedroom

I could see myself living here and loving every minute of it. Too bad I don’t have an extra $169,000 laying around anywhere.

Oregon single wide - exterior deck

This is a charming property and a real jewel of a manufactured home. It’s everything I love about factory-built homes: affordability, potential, and simplicity.  The decor is tasteful and unique. The surroundings are beautiful and the large windows are perfect.

You can get more information about the home here.

As always, thanks for reading Mobile Home Living!

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Crystal Adkins
Crystal Adkins

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  1. Please contact me at 541-228-0599. I am in need of a new or used 12×60 single wide trailer to put on a small lot. Please call anytime. Thanks. Kathy

  2. Hi Shirlee! I love it, too! I would move right in if they let me :) Thanks for commenting and I hope all is well!

  3. What a cute home on a fantastic lot. I love all the big windows and the terracotta floor. The bedroom is so cozy and what a great view from their porch.
    We’ve been to Oregon twice and I absolutely love it. Beautiful state and friendly, laid back people. If I was an American, that’s where I’d want to live. LOL At least it’s not too far to visit.
    Have a great day!