1983 Single Wide is a Farmhouse Beauty

There's so much to love about this 1983 single wide! Get inspired and learn more about the housing market in Florida.

There’s just so much to love about this 1983 single wide that was completely renovated and transformed into a fantastic farmhouse beauty. It is listed as completely furnished in a family community park in Tampa, Florida, with an asking price of only $130,000 and features what the future of Farmhouse decor looks like!

Amazing Interior

Let’s start with a look at the living room and kitchen area and all of the great tips used in remodeling this single wide. First, we love the use of crown molding around the home, as it adds a polished look to the rooms.  Also, the choice of tile throughout the home is a nice touch. The light color blends well with the walls and decor to give the home a light and airy feel. We also adore the homeowners’ lighting choices, which add to the farmhouse look.

1983 single wide living room
Light colors make the room feel larger.
So much to love about this interior.

The kitchen also offers many decor and design tips to keep in mind when remodeling your mobile home. The subway tile backsplash and the modern countertop design add a contemporary look to the farmhouse vibe. Also, using the corner pantry with shelves large enough to hold the small appliances keeps the kitchen looking uncluttered.

Frosted windows add light while maintaining privacy.
Every home needs a pantry like this!

The bedrooms also utilize space-saving designs and decor tips. The use of barn doors throughout the home adds extra space while adding to the charm of the 1983 single wide. The furniture choices also keep the rooms from feeling overwhelmed but still give the farmhouse look the owners were going for. We also love the accent wall color, adding a dramatic focal point for the small space.

This room doesn’t feel crowded at all.
1983 single wide bedroom
Love those bedside lights.

“Never Judge a Book By Its Cover”

The exterior of this 1983 single wide proves the point that you never know what might be behind a closed door. The older home has been painted a tranquil blue, including the skirting, but still shows the age of the home. Several things can be done to help improve the look of the space. One idea is to change the skirting, perhaps with a wood look to compliment the trim around the door. Also, the owners could change up the trim around the windows to match the door. Finally, a small porch or deck would give the home a more finished look.

It wouldn’t take much to give this exterior a facelift.

It turns out that the Farmhouse vibe is alive and well in 2024, as you can tell by this 1983 single wide. Like other decor trends, this one has kept evolving throughout the years. What do you think of this remodel? We would love to hear your thoughts. Be sure to leave us a comment!

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