1998 Franklin Double Wide Is The Perfect Combination of Country and Coastal

A couple of months ago on our Mobile Home Living: Remodels and Repairs Facebook group we came across this gorgeous 1998 Franklin double wide and we immediately sent the owner a message asking if we could share it on our site. Fortunately, they agreed and we are so excited to share this perfect combination of country and coastal décor from the Hernes in Illinois.

Country and Coastal are a Perfect Combination

Farmhouse country has been all the rage the past few years. However, many homeowners have taken to combining that country look with a coastal feel that is laid back to create a new décor trend that makes it feel like Summer all year long. The Country Coastal color scheme combines light aqua, spa blue, whites, and neutrals, to create a cozy and relaxed look we just love.

Franklin Double Wide Entry Way
An entry way is a nice bonus to any mobile home.
Franklin Double Wide French Doors
French doors add to the room.
1998 Franklin Double Wide Tv Room
Love the tv room.
Franklin Double Wide Bedroom
Neutral colors make it easy to accessorize.
Franklin Double Wide Vanity
His and her sinks are a must in the bath.
Franklin Double Wide Shower

Functional and Friendly Kitchen

Mrs. Herne tells us their 1998 Franklin double wide has all the feel of a traditional ranch home with the open floor plan and the split bedroom setup. The home had been remodeled by its previous owners, so all that the couple needed to do was update it to fit their décor style.

One tip that Mrs. Herne shared, and we are a big fan of here at Mobile Home Living, is to use the same color scheme throughout the home, which makes it easy to update the décor in any room.

Frnaklin Double Wide Stove
An open kitchen is perfect for entertaining.
Franklin Double Wide Kitchen Cabinets
No shortage of storage.
1998 Franklin Double Wide Dining Area
Placing the table at an angle maximizes space.

Perfect for Entertaining

Living in a mobile home community can bring its own set of challenges to owners. One of the biggest being the lack of space between lots and how to create a relaxing entertaining spot in that small space. However, the Hernes didn’t let that slow them down. A brick patio fills one end of the yard and allows enough space for table and chairs and a grill. While along the front of the home, landscaping makes a perfect boundary between homes. Finally, on the back entrance to the home, a small porch with seating and a roll out awning finish the look.

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Franklin Double Wide Patio
The brick patio creates a nice clean look.
Franklin Double Wide Landscaping
Landscaping can be a challenge when space is tight.
Franklin Double Wide Awning
Roll out awnings are an easy way to create a comfortable spot.
1998 Franklin Double Wide Exterior
Even in a tight space, this 1998 Franklin Double Wide still makes a statement.

Mrs. Herne says she has lived in several mobile homes over the years, but this one is by far her favorite and we can see why. An open floor plan, a relaxed combination of country and coastal décor, and an updated remodel that enabled the couple to just move in without having to do the work themselves makes this one great home.

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As Always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living.

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  1. That is really lovely. It looks comfortable and like a serene setting. How nice that the remodeling had already been done. Great home!