40 Mobile Home Awnings, Carports, and Patio Covers

Mobile home patio covers or deck covers can add value to your home and increase comfort and living space at a very reasonable price of around $8 per square foot. Mobile home carports are also smart additions, especially if you live in an area with hot summers or snow-filled winters. The shade can keep the car cooler and keeps the snow off the car in the winter. Never needing to scrape ice and snow from a car in 5-degree weather again pays for itself!

In this article, we are covering mobile home awnings, carports, and patio covers. We’ve gathered 40 different images of various mobile home awnings and carports with a few window window awnings. We also found some average prices for popular sizes and a few installation guides. If you are think about installing a new awning to your home this article should certainly help.

Popular Mobile Home Carport and Patio Cover Designs

Awnings are available in several different designs with the most popular being the “lean-to” design.

A lean-to awning is when one side of the carport or covered patio is attached to the home and the other side is lower and sits on posts. Ideally, all awnings should have a pitch of 1/4″ for every 1 foot. This allows enough of a slope to allow rain and snow to slide off easier.

Sheds with lean to roofs are popular additions for mobile homes as well. There are plenty of great slant roof shed plans available online if you don’t want to attach a carport or patio to your home.

The patio experts at Trueline claims that Carports, patios, and awnings are typically made from aluminum with the 2 most common designs being the W-pan and a flat pan. The flat pan is a bit cheaper because there is less material used. However, you can get an insulated flat pan with foam insulation sandwiched between the top and bottom – these are much more expensive.

The W-Pan tops have waves like galvanized sheet metal. This design reflects sun off a little better than the flat pans and help water slide down into the end gutter easier. Most of the images you’ll see below are of W-pans.

Mobile Home Awnings Carports And Patio Cover Designs
Source: HomePorchandPatioKits.com

Carports and patio cover kits will include the top, the brackets or hanger, the side fascias, the gutter fascia, and the posts. The most common post used to be the flat 8″ wide flat scroll columns but the square and pillar column have become more popular in recent years.

Screen Shot 2019 06 18 At 9.46.54 PM
Post designs for mobile home carports and aluminum awnings (Source: DuraBilt)

Flat Pan Vs W-Pan

The photo on the left is of a flat pan carport or awning. The flat section of the pan is available in a few different widths. The image on the right shows a W-pan. They are also available in various widths.

Vintage Mobile Home Awning

Open any vintage mobile home magazine from the 1940s to the 1970s and you’ll find a ton of ads for mobile home awnings. They were must-haves from the get-go because they help keep a mobile home cooler, create additional living space, are fairly easy to install, and relatively affordable. Throughout this article, you’ll find ads for mobile home awnings, carports, and patio covers.

Men On Vintage Trailer Awning
Postcard Ad for a mobile home awning company. The postcard read, “18 Men on a Silvertop Roof.” (circa 1950-1960). Source: Don’t Call Them Trailer Trash

Some awning companies offer one piece designs like the one in the vintage ad above. Durabilt is one of those companies and they still offer the arched design that was so popular decades ago.

Mobile Home Awnings, Carports, and Covered Patios

You’ll see dozens of different designs for carports and patio covers below. Take special notice of the post designs, edging, panel design, and installation position to get an idea of what will look best on your own mobile home awnings.

Covered Patio

This aluminum mobile home patio cover has sliding wicker shades that provide stylish privacy and shade.

wicker shades on carport side
wicker shades on a mobile home awning

Standard Mobile Home Carport

A brise soleil is a really just a fancy word for a permanent sunshade or awning. This single wide has an awning shade on an angle to deflect as much sun as possible from the home.

single wide mobile home aluminum awning

I love the additional architectural elements added to the home.

Brise soleil shades on mobile home carport 2

As you walk through the mobile home carport toward the front door you can see a floral fabric or canvas shade along with a wooden deck. This is a great setup for small lots.

Brise soleil shades on mobile home carport
small wooden porch added behind carport

Very Vintage, Very Cool

This is a perfect vintage mobile home! An aluminum awning, or patio cover, is attached to the home with lattice railings and an ivy arch. I love the quilted metal design on the home.

vintage mobile home with aluminum awning

This is another cool vintage mobile home carport hybrid.

1953 Mobile Home Couple 1
1950s image of an awning and carport.

Smart Living Shade

This homeowner grew a smart living sun shade. Wisteria and ivy can be invasive so you need to keep it off the home which is exactly what the homeowner did here.

Santa Rosa, CA mobile home with awning

The same home has a private hot tub under the awning on the other side of the home. The fence design costs a little more to build but it looks great.

Secret hot tub under mobile home awning

Simple and Stunning

This little single wide manufactured home has some great exterior design elements. The awning is simple which is perfect for a home this cute.

New single wide manufactured home with awning

Lattice Admire this Mobile Home

This awning is has traditional scrolled posts holding the awning on a slant, just like every other mobile home awning. The stunner here is the lattice privacy fence and the cool stone work in front of the awning.

Lattice privacy fence beside mobile home
lattice privacy fence beside mobile home

Stylish and Shaded

I love this home! The rich colors, the double awnings with another brise soleil (on the left) and the window shades all make a statement. Even the plants are the perfect!

dark and stylish mobile home with awnings on both side

The front entrance is stunning on this double wide. It’s perfectly shaded and so stylish.

Screen Shot 2019 05 19 At 9.00.08 PM

Just Overhanging

This mobile home awning was screened in and a stone patio was added for additional outdoor living space. There’s nothing really unique here except the overhang – the homeowner didn’t extend the screened in walls all the way to the edge. By leaving such a wide overhang they help make the home look larger and keep the rain and sun out. It’s a smart design.

casual screened in carport

The Tale of Three Sides

This double wide in Palm Springs is unique, in three ways. From the distance, it looks like any other mobile home.

Palm Springs mobile home with awning/carport

Pull into the back carport and you’ll feel like you’re the city. This graffiti art on the back carport shade is unique and I love unique! There is an awful lot of white on this home – a little bit of color sure brightens it up! I bet the kids love it!

jackson pollock design on awning shade

But wait! The front door is the exact opposite of the back! On the back you have a carport with a privacy shade spray painted in colorful shapes. On the front, it’s all minimal and white and calm.

minimal modern mobile home awning
The front door and covered patio of Palm Springs double wide.

We’re still not finished with this Palm Springs double wide! The backyard is just as cool! The door on the left is the door from the carport and the addition on the right is connected to the front entrance awning. This is the view from the backyard and what a backyard it is!

palm springs double wide with amazing features

Look at this back yard!

619 Cameo Dr Palm Springs, CA 92264 $135,000 30 Copy

I can’t stand it! This home is amazing!

amazing backyard at palm springs double wide

Delightfully Diagonal

This is a simple awning with the traditional flat scroll posts. I’ve included it because the pavers are neat. Plus, I wanted to share how this awning was placed under the eave on the mobile home and it doesn’t look to have much of a pitch. This is in Southern California so it doesn’t need to hold much of a live load therefore you have a couple more installation options available to you.

diagonal paving stone to mobile home awning
The pavers add are a great feature but they will need to be set a little better soon.

A Shady Tree

This 1975 double wide in Southern California shades a porch and a tree.

1975 Double Wide Mobile Home 191 Kona Pittsburg CA with covered patio
1975 Double Wide Mobile Home with shaded porch

The awning extends past the porch and gives the tree some much appreciated shade, I’m sure.

1975 Double Wide Mobile Home with shaded porch 2

Clear Pergola Design

This 1979 double wide is in Oregon and is probably perfect for an area that doesn’t get a whole lot of sunny days. The clear plastic roof allows for a nice wooden pergola look but with the convenience of a covered awning.

1979 Double wide in OR with covered pergola
1979 Double wide in OR with covered affordable pergola

Terrific Tan

The desert is so foreign to me which is probably why I love it so much. WV and SC are both green everywhere you look. The tan siding with natural wood pergola and the tan canvas is so calm and subtle. It lets the sky the surroundings become the stars of the show.

Tan mobile home with canvas topped awning
22840 Sterling Double Wide For Sale 00014 Copy

Timeless Traditional

Most homeowners go with wood when they have a little more money to spend on an awning or porch. This homeowner spared no expense and created a truly timeless design. What a gorgeous home!

Beauitful Mobile Home Covered Porch Ideas 11 Los Robles Court Vineyard Vines Park

Lattice Go Modern

Lattice really shines when it’s used as an awning or pergola ceiling or a fence topper. Unless you double it up lattice isn’t a great mobile home skirting material. It doesn’t protect the home from critters and allows way too much air under the home in winter. However, it’s a perfect fence accent and awning cover.

Beautiful Mobile Home Carport Ideas 50 Laguna Ct Vineyard Valley Mh Park

Orange You Glad You Saw This?

I’ve loved this home since I first saw it and have used it in several articles. Naturally, I had to add it to the best mobile home awning design. The trim color is perfect and gives an older mobile home a cool modern look.

vintage mobile home with cool paint and awnings
One of my dream homes!

A closer look at the cute vintage mobile home awning.

Cool Carport Decor Painting The Metal Siding On A Mobile Home

Caban-A-Room Ad

Interlocking all aluminum roof and wall panel sections. Easy to erect, dismantle, and transport. Aluminum screened windows and door, with or without Jalousies. Choice of all-glass or aluminum louvers. Models to fit any size and style trailer.

More space for entertaining, recreation, sleeping, and storage. Caban-A-Room may be ordered separately. Wall sections can be added later. Beautiful 10×20 foot all aluminum carport makes practical permanent shelter for trailer parks.

Caba A Room Aluminum Sun Shed Ad From 1955

Simply Stoned

I like this double wide! Its siding and accent colors are great but the windows are perfect! The covered carport with matching trim compliments it all. This mobile home siding looks like those faux panels – some of the designs are fairly affordable.

California Double Wide With Windows and matching awning

The Big Picture

Dawn Moore has helped remodel a few double wides. She really understands mobile home construction and has a way to make them look like a custom house. She also designs for the future and this is one of those cases. In just a few years the ivy that is planted at the base of each pole will wind its way up and around the roof to create living shade. The wide eaves of the metal roof will keep everyone dry in the meantime.

The affordable wire fencing used on the railings and the sheet metal used as fencing are both great uses of materials.

D Moore Topanga double wide  Remodel Exterior

Million Dollar Mobile Home

This awning is attached to a goregeous mobile home that is a working horse ranch. It sold for close to $1.5 million! The view alone is worth that – and they homeowners that designed the front yard took full advantage of the space and the view. Small fish ponds dot the front yard and a wooden awning with canvas shade sits beside the front porch with a pitched metal roof.

Double Wide with unique covered porch

Smart and Simple and Gorgeous

I love this home, too! Aluminum awnings come in sections. Some are 36″ wide which these look to be and to add a little sunlight onto the covered patio the homeowners had clear strips installed between each aluminum panel. It’s decorative and useful.

Front Door And Awning 1 Los Robles Ct St Helena1
Front Door And Awning 1 Los Robles Ct St Helena2

1955 Sun King Steel and Aluminum Sun Shelters

This 1955 magazine article is about Sun King Company of Fontana, CA an aluminum awning manufacturer offering the new Ramada, Cabana, and Shademaker options. They were all approved by the California State Division of Housing.

The Ramada was available in 5 different styles with 3 different edge treatments, making a total of 15 distinctive combinations from which to choose. SUn King’s Cabana was designed and engineered to be used along with their new Ramada, or a pre-existing awning or carport. Glass-louvered windows were incorporated in steel frames to form floor to ceiling windows that were interchangeable with the double walled aluminum panels. All of Sun King’s units were made with 20 gauge embossed ribbed aluminum which proved cooler by tests with up to 95% of the sun’s heat rays deflected off the ribbed design.

1955 advertisement for Mobile Home Sun Shelters 1955 Trailer Topics Magazine

I Heart This Covered Patio

I really like the design of this mobile home’s covered patio. The home is installed on higher piers than most so steps and a raised patio are needed. By extending the brick steps out several feet the homeowner has created built-in flower shelving.

mobile home with covered patio

Retro Fabulous

I featured this 1962 Skyline single wide mobile home with covered patio a while back. The interior is so cool!

Retro Mobile Home 1962 Skyline Single Wide with covered patio

Barred Beauty

This mobile home with covered patio is cool. Not sure I’ve seen railings like this before but I like unusual and unique. It’s certainly safe!

mobile home with covered patio

Stucco Awn Patios

California is a mobile home paradise! This double wide has a cool covered patio and a carport. Oh, and the tan stucco siding with black trim is pretty cool too.

updated mobile home

Sheet Metal Safe

I love to see sheet metal used in neat ways. 20 years ago if you used galvanized sheet metal you’d probably be called tacky. Now, it’s cool! This little gate probably keeps a cute puppy or maybe a child safe and looks good at the same time. That’s a win-win!

sheet metal gate on mobile home patio

Check, Check, Check!

Vintage mobile home, check. Cool window, check. Neat carport design, check. Lovely landscaping, check. Black wrought iron gate and fabric curtained covered patio, check.

Yep, I’m in love.

square mobile home design

Clean and Classic

This newer manufactured home has a curved aluminum top, wooden posts, and a white picket fence. This is a classic design and it looks great!

Single Wide Mobile Home With Wood Posts On Carport

Dark and Dreamy

Another creative paint scheme that looks great. I appreciate homeowners that are brave enough to go against the grain and paint their home any dang color they want. This is a great looking double wide! I bet that carport keeps the cars nice and cool even on the hottest summer day.

The slight white trim around the windows work well with the white covered patio on the left (you can barely see it).

brown and blue double wide

Green-Eyed Envy

This double wide in Paramount, Ca caught my eye immediately. I love it! The green siding with white trim are eye-catching. The simple palm tree and the green shade on the carport work well with the look.

Paramount CA double wide with green siding

Lovin this Look

White and light gray are two of my favorite colors for mobile home siding. It’s clean and fresh. This home has everything you could want: covered carport, covered patio, covered porch in the back and a small add-a-room. It even has an awning on the window!

OR Single Wide For Sale Mobile Home Carport Ideas

California Dreamin

I guess I just need to pack up and move to California cause all my favorite homes are out there! This is a great looking double wide for sale in Palm Springs. The windows and the view are fabulous!

Palm Spring Double Wide Manufactured Home For Sale 253 Suez St2 mobile home awning

Can’t Be Blue with this Beauty

I found this bright blue double wide on Instagram. I love everything about it!

Unified homes oc Instagram Blue Double Wide

Great Green

This double wide is similar to the blue one above. It just goes to show you how the same home design can look so different with paint and a few architectural elements.

Unique Mobile Home Exteriors Realtor Com San Jose Manufactured Home For Sale
Unique Mobile Home Exteriors Realtor Com San Jose Manufactured Home For Sale 4

Terrific Trees

All the different trees and shrubs are stunning around this double wide mobile home. The covered carport and patios are pretty great too!

Unique Mobile Home Interiors Mobile Homes For Sale In Milpond Manufactured Home Community In San Jose CA Country Western Style Exterior

Classic Lines

Classic clean lines make this home a winner!

Updated Manufactured Home Ideas And Inspiration (2)

The homeowner kept the design of the steps and porch simple and clean.

Updated Manufactured Home Ideas And Inspiration (1)

Angling for Attention

I love all the different angles and lines on this home! The roof and the dormers are awesome but the homeowner went all out with even more vertical and horizontal lines and it works beautifully!

Notice the band of horizontal siding in the middle of the home with the vertical panels above it? I like the vertical railings and how the awning doesn’t go past the step’s edge.

new manufactured home with covered porch

The posts that hold the carport cover up is uniques too. This double wide is great!

new manufactured home with covered carport

Carport Addition is Easy Math

This home’s addition has a classic paneled carport with large windows.

double wide with window awnings

carport addition on manufactured home

Additional Beauty

This vintage double wide has gorgeous landscaping.

Landscaping 308 Janero Pl, Sonoma, CA mobile home carport addition

Something Shiny

EEEEK! Look how shiney that gorgeous siding! Oh, and the covered patio is pretty cool too. Love this mobile home!

vintage mobile home with awning
Source: Tumblr

In previous articles, we’ve advised homeowners to add porches and decks to their mobile home to give it a more site-built home appearance but awnings work as well. Anything you can add to give the home dimension or hide a mobile home’s obvious rectangular shape is a good idea.

Cost of Mobile Home Awnings, Carports, and Covered Patios

Costs of mobile home awnings are dependant on several variables. As mentioned above, carports and covered patios usually have a W profile, often called a W-pan. These use a lot more metal so they will cost more. However, they are better at reflecting the sun’s rays and helping rain and snow slide off so the added cost is usually worth it.

In areas where parks require carports, awnings, or covered patios you can probably expect to pay a little more as well. Suppliers know you need it and if they are close or the most recommended company in the park you’ll pay a convenience markup.

Finally, the thickness of the metal is another price factor. Some locations will require a minimum gauge or weight capacity.

Average prices for awning kits:

20 foot by 24 foot Heavy Duty 3″x12″ (.024) Aluminum Riser Panel Patio Cover Awning Kit $4,396.00 includes shipping on Ebay.

12 foot by 24 foot 16″ W-Panels (.019) Aluminum Patio Cover Kits $1,875.00 with shipping on Ebay.

10 foot X 20 foot Aluminum Patio Cover W-Pan (.025) Roof Style with 3 Posts $1,424.99 on DIYHomeImprovementKits.com (I don’t think shipping is included).

Average price for carport kits:

Most steel single carports look to run right around $2200.00 regardless if it’s freestanding or attached at DIYHomeImprovementKits.com.

24 foot by 24 foot  16″ W-Panels (.019) Wall Attached Aluminum Carport Kit is $4,095.00 with shipping on Ebay.

Can You Install a Mobile Home Carport Yourself?

Carports are a fairly easy DIY project for a homeowner with moderate construction and home improvement experience.

If you buy a kit from any supplier they will give you detailed instructions based on the manufacturer’s specifications but they will probably look a lot like this or this.

Installing A Mobile Home Carport 2
Source: https://www.homeporchandpatiokits.com
INstalling A Mobile Home Carport
Quick process of installing a mobile home carport. (Source RyseConstruction)

Do you have a great awning, carport, or patio? We’d love to see it! Visit our Mobile Home Living® Remodels and Repairs Facebook Group to share photos and share advice and tips with thousands of other mobile home owners.

As always, thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living®!

All image not sourced individually were found on Realtor.com.

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