3 Charming Tiny Trailer Homes

Tiny Trailer homes are not a new thing, as a matter of fact, they have been around longer than the mobile home itself. But, that doesn’t mean that these smaller homes are boring, these tiny spaces can have just as much style and flair as any other home. Take a look at these 3 charming tiny trailer homes that are full of gorgeous designs to see what we mean.

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Tiny Home Featuring Beach Vibes

One of the biggest perks of tiny homes is how energy efficient they can be. This 28’ x 8.5 tiny home comes equipped with Roxul, Rockwool insulation, energy-star windows, LED lighting, an instant water heater, and a propane oven and cooker which will keep those electrical bills way down. There are also 10 windows scattered around the home which allows for an abundance of natural light. The light colors and coastal decor complete the beach vibes!

images courtesy of Dwell

tiny trailer homes beach interior
With all the open shelving there is plenty of room for decor.
beach loft
Steps lead up to the loft bedroom.
We can just see this tiny home set up with an attached porch.

Rustic Meets Modern Tiny Home

At first glance of this interior, we were immediately drawn to all the wood accents that make this home a standout. When combined with the 10-foot ceilings, and the white or natural colored pine walls you can’t help but be impressed with this tiny trailer home. Another feature that makes this home stand out is the abundance of windows and skylights that makes the tiny space feel even bigger.

images courtesy of My Modern Met

rustic living space
Butcher block counter tops add extra style to the kitchen space.
rustic loft
That skylight is perfect for stargazing.
tiny trailer homes rustic interior
Love how airy this space looks.

Tiny Trailer Home is the Perfect Hideaway

One thing most tiny homes have in common is that the bedrooms are usually loft spaces. But with this particular tiny home, there is a hidden bedroom downstairs behind a ceiling-to-floor fireplace. Once you enter the bedroom you will find a circular ledge above the bed that is not only a cool decor design but also adds some extra space for displays. The charming pendant light completes the look.

all images courtesy of Dwell

hideaway living space
A small eating area can also double as a work space.
tiny trailer homes hideaway interior
Pocket doors hide the bedroom.
hideaway exterior 1
This hideaway would make a perfect Airbnb.

These 3 charming tiny trailer homes are BIG in style and design. Not to mention they are a great way to live a simpler, more economical way of life.

Do you live in a tiny home or know someone who does? We would love to hear your thoughts about tiny homes! Comment below and let us know what you think.

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  1. I really love all three models shown in this article, and I am not sure how long ago the article was first published or put into Pinterest. But I wanted to express my admiration for them. In particular I am in love with the third one with the simple one line roof and the pale teal/robin’s egg blue cabinetry. Every aspect of this house that is visible (can’t see the whole kitchen or bathroom) is just perfect, but the kitchen and the fireplace wall were my decision factors! Congratulations on a simple, clean line, homey yet contemporary and most of all liveable tiny home! Thank you for sharing it!


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