Modern Kitchen Decor In Mobile Home 1

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  1. I love all of this!
    I am disabled and I would love to see small
    Re-designs that could make a big punch.

  2. Just perfect! Love every detail and Rebecca put a lot of thought into every single detail!

    Two questions: did she create her own Prosperity Hens and where did she get the jadeite washcloth holder above the toilet?

    Again, just perfect!

  3. Very good advice; do one project at a time and be patient. I love the art work it makes the home theirs. Painting the kitchen white lightened the whole house ! The touches of mid-century furnishing fits in just right. They look so organized which is a must in small spaces. The use of glass jars with the spring tops I’m going to steal !

  4. They are doing very well. Would like to see the outside and have a come back on this one, Maybe the husband can smile and look happy in that one! LOL!~