Hip and Modern Mobile Home

When Apartment Therapy features a single wide mobile home you know it’s gotta be special!

The popular website uses the term ‘unconventional’ and ‘thinking out of the box’ to describe the mobile home. Perhaps the writer isn’t aware that over 20 million American’s live in mobile and manufactured homes and just aren’t used to seeing factory built homes that have been updated so beautifully? Still, the fact that Apartment therapy is showcasing a mobile home like this is promising – our homes really are becoming more accepted in the media!

We know this is anything but unconventional! In fact, it’s exactly what Mobile and Manufactured Home Living features –  stylish mobile home decor, remodels and updates for homes of all ages. With dozens of featured homes under our belt, we know there’s nothing ‘unconventional’ about it – it’s just real people, real homes, and well, real life!

Rebecca Caridad Facteau and her husband Dustin live in Boulder, Colorado. They have lived in the 750 sq. foot single wide for 3.5 years and what they’ve managed to do with it is inspiring. It’s personalized from top to bottom and end to end!

Dustin is a chemist and Rebecca is a photographer and calligraphy artist. The space serves as both home and studio for her.

The writer describes the couple’s situation:

After years of spending money on rentals that never quite felt like home, Rebecca and Dustin set out to find something to call their own without breaking the bank, in hopes of avoiding a life centered around paying down a massive 15-30 year mortgage. They started thinking outside the box, and we’re so glad they did. This unconventional thinking lead to the discovery of a small plot of land ten minutes from downtown, set on the Boulder creek, and just one block from Rebecca’s work.

Yes, it was a trailer park. I understand that in many people’s minds the idea of living in a mobile home may come with certain preconceived notions. Well, all I have to say is get ready to have your expectations blown out of the water!

You would not believe the brilliance that comes from breaking away from the status quo. While this type of abode is not for everyone, the level of “hominess” and personality that Rebecca and Dustin have been able to create in their mobile home is unmatched in most traditional house choices I’ve seen. And with a price tag sitting at a fraction of the cost of any ordinary dwelling, this pair of adventurers are free to pursue a lifestyle centered on doing what they love, enriched by what means the most to them, creative business pursuits and overseas travel.


modern - hipster mobile home

The one thing that stands out in the photos is the imperfections and that’s what makes it so perfect!

This is a home that probably looked rough when the couple first bought it, which is something all of us living debt-free that opted to purchase a very affordable used manufactured home can relate to. Chances are, they had never updated a home before but the results are still amazing.

The Living Room

Hip, retro, and Scandinavian modern are probably the best adjectives to describe this mobile home decor.

modern office in single wide mobile home

modern art in mobile home


modern hip office space in mobile home


modern hipster couple in mobile home


modern office in mobile home


modern art studio in mobile home

modern hipster living room - mobile home


modern retro decor


modern retro vintage decor

modern retor hipster mobile home

modern mobile home with retro decor


modern simple mobile home

The Kitchenmodern white kitchen in mobile home

modern simple kitchen

modern kitchen in mobile home


modern kitchen in mobile home 2


In the photo above you can see the beetle kill counter top. Beetle Kill refers to the mountain pine beetle epidemic taking over the forests. The beetle lays eggs right under the bark which kills the tree and gives the wood a blue hue. It is a very environmentally friendly material that is still as strong as an undamaged tree.

modern kitchen decor in mobile home

A gorgeous splash of color on the kitchen island adds a dramatic effect to the space.

modern- vintage decor in mobile home


The Hallway

modern decor in mobile home hallway


modern retro

The Master Bedroom


modernly decorated mobile home bedroom


modern bedroom decor in mobile home


modern wood wall in mobile home


modern mobile home bedroom


mordern - retro decor in mobile home



modern - frugal decor in mobile home


modern - retor decor in mobile home


modern retro mobile home


The Bathroom


modern white bathroom in mobile home


modern bathroom in mobile home

The owners answered a few questions for Apartment Therapy:

My Style: Eclectic, Cottagey, DIY.

Inspiration: Small space tours and articles on blogs and websites. It is really easy for things to look cluttered quickly in small spaces. Even if there is just one thing out of place or one too many things, it can feel overwhelming.

Favorite Element: Our favorite element is how affordably we get to live in Boulder, CO. Also small spaces inspire you to be minimal, which we love. I think it emphasizes what is important.

Biggest Challenge: The hardest thing for us is that we have so many plans for our space and we don’t have enough money or time for them right now. We are learning patience with our home projects. One thing at a time!

What Friends Say: Our friends say that they feel like the space is a nice reflection of us and our everyday style. People definitely seem surprised with what we have done to a trailer. I think there is still quite a taboo when it comes to mobile homes. I hope that goes away, because any space can be made beautiful and homey.

Biggest Embarrassment: I would say our windows and our flooring. Cork floor is really pretty, but it is really soft and sadly we have pretty much destroyed it since we’ve lived here. The windows and floors are our biggest projects that we want to do, and they probably bother us more than anything else.

Proudest DIY: We have so many! Probably our proudest is our recent pallet wall project. We also really love our beetle kill pine counters in the kitchen.

Biggest Indulgence: Definitely our refrigerator. When we moved in the one that was here was the original fridge that was included in the home when it was built, at least that is what we assume. We knew that had to be our first big investment.

Best Advice: After trying to do a lot at once we realized that doing one project at a time worked a lot better for our sanity. I think it is important to have at least once part of your space sort of “put together,” so when the part you are working on is crazy you have somewhere to escape to when you need a break.

You can read and see more of the home on the Apartment Therapy website.  Be sure to go visit!

As always, thank you for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

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  2. BonBon says

    I love all of this!
    I am disabled and I would love to see small
    Re-designs that could make a big punch.

  3. Patricia Bianca says

    I love that bedroom and bathroom SO MUCH! Well done, my friends.

  4. Suzanne Melton says

    Just perfect! Love every detail and Rebecca put a lot of thought into every single detail!

    Two questions: did she create her own Prosperity Hens and where did she get the jadeite washcloth holder above the toilet?

    Again, just perfect!

  5. Kay says

    Very good advice; do one project at a time and be patient. I love the art work it makes the home theirs. Painting the kitchen white lightened the whole house ! The touches of mid-century furnishing fits in just right. They look so organized which is a must in small spaces. The use of glass jars with the spring tops I’m going to steal !

  6. Debbi Cobern says

    They are doing very well. Would like to see the outside and have a come back on this one, Maybe the husband can smile and look happy in that one! LOL!~

  7. Pauline Taylor says

    Awesome use of space, very trendy and I can see the option of a more affordable and smaller footprint being attractive to younger people.

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