5 Awesome Airstream Glamping Experiences

Have you heard of the latest trend taking over camping? Glamping.com defines “glamping” as where nature meets luxury. Usually found in an exciting or exotic location anywhere in the world, the accommodations move beyond the basic camping and add a touch of luxuriousness to the experience. This can be a custom built tree house, a lodge or villa, even a tepee, but since we love Airstreams, we are concentrating on five awesome Airstream glamping experiences that can be found right here in the United States.

Rocky Mountain Getaway

Our first Airstream glamping experience, nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. We found this Airstream listed on GlampingHub and it rents for around $175 per night. With all the amenities you would find in a hotel (including breakfast!), this Airstream is a cozy blend of decor that makes us want to head out West.

airstream glamping-rocky mountains exterior
Great spot to star gaze. (image from the Glamping Hub)
airstream glamping-rocky mountains living area
So cozy looking. (image from The Glamping Hub)
airstream glamping-rocky mountains bedroom
All that’s missing is a mint on the pillow! (image from Glamping Hub)


Peaceful Retreat in L.A.

We found this vintage remodeled Airstream on Airbnb. According to the listing, it includes all the comforts of home, with an added view of L.A. For only around $100 a night, this seems like an awesome way to see the city and still be away from it all at the end of the day. We aren’t sure which part of this setup we love more, the interior or the patio!

airstream glamping-retreat in la living area
So bright and full of light. (image from Airbnb)
airstream glamping-retreat in la kitchen
All the comforts of home. (image from Airbnb)
airstream glamping-retreat in la patio
Nice spot to catch some sun. (images from Airbnb)

Cool Way to See the Longhorn State

Another great Airstream glamping experience, we found this 1972 Airstream rental on GlampingHub as well. Located in North Texas, the nightly rate is around $117. We fell in love with the cozy, retro decor of this vintage Airstream. It even features a bathtub and a fireplace!

airstream glamping-longhorn state exterior
The exterior looks so festive. (image from Glamping Hub)
airstream glamping-longhorn state living area
Love the retro feel! (image from Glamping Hub)
airstream glamping-longhorn state bath
Hard to find a tub in an Airstream! (image from Glamping Hub)

An Entire Campground Centered Around Airstream Glamping

We found this cool campground outside of San Francisco that has turned their entire campground into a glamping experience. According to the article we found at The Sassy Life, its as if you are staying in a mini 5-star hotel (sounds good to us). Rates start at around $170 and going upwards of $600 depending on the size of your party. There are several Airstream trailers scattered around the grounds, each decked out with a modern, simple decor. We love the crisp, clean look of the interiors! And they all include their own little patio.

airstream glamping-campground
A whole mess of Airstreams! (image from the Sassy Girl)
airstream glamping-campground interior
Crisp and clean describe the interior. (image from The Sassy Girl)
airstream glamping-campground patio
Love the patio set. (image from The Sassy Girl)


Escape to the Country in New York

When you think New York, typically the big city lights are the first thing to pop into your head, but with this Airstream glamping experience, you are way back in the country. According to GlampingHub, this Airstream is set up along with a bard in upstate New York. The barn is the main rental, with the Airstream used as overflow or if you want a little privacy away from the group. Definitely more pricey than our other settings, at over $1400 per night, our first thought is it would be ideal for a small family reunion or a work retreat.

The Airstream features a super bright and colorful decor and is nestled right beside the main lodging. We love the view as well!

airstream glamping-new york country exterior
The snow on the grounds adds to the scene. (image from Glamping Hub)
airstream glamping-new york country interior
Look at all that color. (image from Glamping Hub)
airstream glamping-new york country exterior and barn
This Airstream offers a little extra privacy. (image from Glamping Hub)

It looks like glamping is here to stay. While researching this Airstream glamping article, we noticed tons of sites offering everything from Airstreams, tree houses, vintage campers and everything in between. We have even featured a couple of the campgrounds that offer Airstream rentals such as Daydreaming of Kate’s Lazy Desert Airstream Motel.  All in rustic or exotic settings with most amenities included. What do you think? Looks to us like a great way to enjoy nature without actually having to rough it!

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