Daydreaming of Kate’s Lazy Desert Airstream Motel

Finding resorts, motels and campgrounds that rent out vintage mobile homes is one of my favorite parts of this blog. These attractions are perfect for those of us that can’t afford to own our own vintage mobile home just yet. They are also perfect just to get away from life for a minute.

Kate’s Lazy Desert Airstream Motel has a handful of lovely vintage Airstreams to rent. Each Airstream has been gorgeously remodeled and restored by famous designers that you will no doubt be familiar with. One of the owners of the resort is even more famous!

Kate is none other than Kate Pierson from the B-52’s. She and her partner first started with Kate’s Lazy Meadow in NY. They added Airstreams as they found them. However, after 3 floods in NY, the Airstreams were remodeled again and relocated to Landers, CA.

We’ll focus on the Airstreams, cause that’s what we do, but the website will allow you to visit both locations.

The designers are none other than Philip Mayberry and Scott Walker, the ceramic artists that just happened to own the home that the “Love Shack” video was filmed (sorry if you get the song stuck in your head, I’ve been silently singing it all morning).

Being named one of Travel + Leisure’s Top 100 Greatest Hotels and Resorts is no small feat. Getting recognized by the  NY Times isn’t either. The resort has been featured in several other places as well. This place is top notch!

Kate's Lazy Desert Airstream motel

Here’s how the website describes her business:

“Kate’s Lazy Meadow and Kate’s Lazy Desert are the award-winning hotels created by Kate Pierson of the B-52’s and her partner, Monica Coleman. On the East Coast, Kate’s Lazy Meadow is located in Mount Tremper, NY near Woodstock in the Catskill Mountains. Nine atomically designed, mid-century modern suites sit directly on the Esopus Creek. Included are three satellite cottages, all within 5 miles of the main property. 

On the West Coast is Kate’s Lazy Desert. Located in the High Desert in Landers CA near Joshua Tree and Palm Springs. Six vintage Airstream Trailers designed by artist team Maberry-Walker are situated in the gorgeous painted desert and are available for those who enjoy the outdoors, nature and a “campy” experience.”

With names like Lava, Tinkerbell, Tiki, Planet Air, Hairstream and North to Alaska to help you choose which Airstream you want to rent, you can’t go wrong!

Here are a few photos from the website:

Kate's Lazy Desert Airstream motel
Kate's Lazy Desert Airstream motel
Planet Air
Kate's Lazy Desert Airstream motel

If you are in the Woodstock, NY area and need a place to relax, Kate’s Lazy Meadow should be on the top of your list. If you’re planning your vacation for the year, this should be one of your top choices. If you’re in the Joshua Tree, CA area then, by all means, do yourself a favor and get to Kate’s Lazy Desert. I have a feeling the experience would be unforgettable!All photos and quotes are the property of Please visit their lovely site to make your reservations.  As always, thanks for reading Mobile Home Living!

Kate's Lazy Desert Airstream motel

Kate's Lazy Desert Airstream motel
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