5 Luxury Manufactured Homes for Sale in California (January 2019)

For a girl that grew up in a hollow in southern West Virginia, California was the epitome of cool. It has everything: beaches, mountains, sunshine, and snow. It even has movie stars and mobile homes! Not just your ordinary mobile homes though, they have a ton of high-end luxury manufactured homes for sale in California.

I picked these 5 manufactured homes for sale because they are each beautiful. They are also really expensive though perhaps not for the booming California economy.

116 Pali Drive

mid-century modern manufactured home for sale in California living room 6

1 Bed/1 Bath

116 Pali Drive Palm Springs, CA


This 1 Bed/1 Bath small manufactured home is in Palm Canyon Mobile Club, a park that has recently gone through a rebirth. The park is all ages and has 229 spaces. The majority of the homes are vintage with 100 new manufactured homes installed recently. Monthly space rent: $682.50. This park is evolving and I look forward to seeing it thrive in the years ahead.

mid-century modern manufactured home for sale in California living room 2mid-century modern manufactured home for sale in California living room 2

The home had been on the market for a couple of months and was changed to a sold on Christmas Eve – that was a great present for someone!

The list of features includes quartz counters, designer hardware, and clerestory windows.

mid-century modern manufactured home for sale in California living room area

6 Yosemite Road

manufactured home for sale in san rafeal California 0005

3 Bed/2 Bath

6 Yosemite Rd San Rafael, CA


California has the 5th largest economy in the world and a real estate crisis in the making because there are just too many people and not enough homes. This means homes like this luxury manufactured home for sale in California are going for $497,000.

manufactured home for sale in California san rafeal - living room

Half a million dollars will buy you a manufactured home in a park beside a small stream. The interior is spacious and clean and has a great stone fireplace that has been painted white and gorgeous flooring. Space rent is $970 a month.

manufactured home for sale in California san rafeal - kitchen

You can learn more about this luxury manufactured home for sale here.

manufactured home for sale in California san rafeal - Minimal Modern kitchen counter

63 Paradise Cove Road

1 Bed/1 Bath

63 Paradise Cove Rd Malibu, CA


Low supply and high demand make for happy sellers and sad buyers, except in this case. The buyer of this $749,000 luxury mobile home in California will be a very happy person indeed. It’s retro-freaking-fabulous!

I cried like a baby when I finally got to visit Malibu, CA in September. My daughter still makes fun of me! I didn’t get to tour the Paradise Cove Park but we did get to eat lunch at the Paradise Cove Cafe which is right below the park. I got to see a couple homes!

We were going to sneak up the stairs from the cafe but I figured the park tenants deserved privacy and respect. I would have loved to see this home up close, though! Maybe someday I’ll gain legitimate access to the park. Till then, I’ll keep looking at all the luxury manufactured homes for sale in California online.

The listing calls this home an ultra-hip surf retreat and I agree even though I don’t surf.

The park sits atop a rolling bluff above the Pacific Ocean but only a few homes in the park have ocean views. This home doesn’t have the view but it does have a small creek nearby. The listing describes this home better than I can:

“This super cool, vintage, Flamingo home has been given a clean, sophisticated makeover with wide plank floors, marble and stone finishes, and a crisp black and white pallet. Designer details maximize the storage and the space of this home and create an ideal, chill seaside weekend retreat….A Premier location and a short stroll or golf cart ride away from one of the most coveted stretches of beach/surf in Southern California.”

You can learn more about the home at Realtor.com.

23777 Mulholland Hwy Spc 151

4 Bed/3 Bath

23777 Mulholland Hwy Spc 151 Calabasas, CA


This luxury manufactured home for sale in California has 1,800 square feet of living space that includes 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. It’s in a small community and it looks like the lot rent and HOA fees are around $1700 a month (if I’m reading the listing right).

The listing states that the entire home has been gutted and remodeled. Features include new roofing, plumbing, windows, flooring, framing, insulation, electrical, tankless water heater, drywall, and new wood siding. The asking price is $349,000 which may be a very good deal considering the entire home is new.

You can see this home’s listing here.

Home decor is an art form, especially with this home! The realtor used an app to add furniture and decor to the photos and they did a great job! I love the subtle colors.

It’s difficult to make Ikea style cabinetry seem warm and welcoming. The Swedish kitchen units are known for their easy-to-clean and sleek functionality but whoever designed this double wide’s kitchen made it work nicely. It’s not too modern or too traditional and with the right bar stools and a little color, this is going to make one gorgeous space.

23 Bali Lane

4 Bed/3 Bath/

23 Bali Ln, Pacific Palisades, CA


This last home is also in Palisades, CA and goes for a little more than half a million. Yep, half a million and the agent states they’ve drastically reduced the price. But, there’s a reason for that price..

This home sits on the top row of the Pointe Dume Park in Palos Verde, across from Will Roger’s Beach. No other homes are above you which is rare for homes with ocean views in that area.

The agent states the home is luxury and has a chef’s kitchen with high ceilings and open floor plan. It also includes custom fixtures and hardware, wide plank flooring, and new Samsung appliances.

This home has an epic view so the price makes sense. I could definitely get used to watching the sunset from here.

Here’s the listing to the home on Realtor.com

Luxury Manufactured Home for Sale in California

It’s hard to wrap my head around the price of these luxury manufactured homes for sale in California but the state has the highest personal income in the nation, gorgeous views, and perfect weather so it makes sense to have more expensive property.

Have you found an awesome manufactured home for sale? Please share them with us! We love to see beautiful homes!

PS Here’s a pic of me at the Paradise Cove Cafe! Just getting that close was a dream come true!

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!