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About Mobile Home Living

Mobile Home Living was created by Crystal Adkins in 2011 and is the most trusted, and most visited resource for Mobile Homes in the country with 48 million visits over the last 12 years.

Learn about Mobile Home Living, its creator, and its mission.

Over the last 12 years, we’ve published over 900 articles about mobile home remodeling ideas, repair help, and decorating inspiration.

We also feature expert advice on buying and selling, and guides to help you improve your home’s energy efficiency.

We’ve proven time and again that mobile and manufactured homes can and are just as beautiful as any traditional home.

Living small is nothing new. Mobile homes were the original tiny home and started the simple living movement decades ago.

About us crystal
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A Little About the Founder, Crystal Adkins

Hi! I’m Crystal Adkins, the creator of Mobile Home Living.

I hope Mobile Home Living is a welcoming and informative resource for you. I wanted Mobile Home Living to be a place where we can all be proud of our homes, share helpful tips and advice on manufactured housing, and support each other with positivity and love.

We try our best to offer articles that are relevant and helpful to all manufactured homeowners.

I take the advocacy of manufactured homes seriously because our homes, and all of us living in them, deserve to be respected.

I was raised in Southern West Virginia by a single father that worked in the same underground coal mine for 39 years. He taught me a lot and had me rebuilding old cars in the garage with him my entire childhood.

We lived in a single-wide mobile home until I was 8, when dad bought a brand new 1986 model Redman Homes double wide.

Yes, I’m a coal miner’s daughter named Crystal Gail (all y’all country music fans should get that reference).

Creating Mobile Home Living

I started Mobile Home Living in 2011 shortly after buying a 1978 single wide in southern West Virginia.

It was our first real ‘owned’ home and I couldn’t wait to update it, so I searched Google for mobile home remodeling ideas, but I didn’t find much at all.

I had read that over 20 million Americans lived in a factory built home during that search. Yet, none of the large main stream media outlets like Better Homes and Gardens shared anything about them.

20 million Americans live in mobile and manufactured homes in this country, yet we are being completely ignored by home decor and improvement publishers like BHG and HGTV. I want to change that.


I figured if I was looking for ideas and advice, others might be as well.

I saw a void and figured I would try to fill it.

The only problem was that I had no idea how to create a website, but I was willing to put in the work.

For the most part we’ve succeeded, though it’s been an uphill battle all the way.

Over the last 12 years, Mobile Home Living has evolved into what you see today and is now the most popular mobile and manufactured home repair, remodeling, and decorating resource online.

Issues We Want To Change

I think mobile and manufactured homes should be seen in a positive light. Manufactured housing is the nation’s most affordable housing option and have given millions of us a place to call home for almost a century now.

But nothing is perfect.

The manufactured housing industry leaves a lot to be desired. They’ve worried way too much about the term ‘mobile home’ instead of focusing on things that really matter like consumer education, building better homes, and keeping up with the nation’s trends like tiny homes and simple living.

I’ve written several editorials that address some of the issues I’ve noticed within the industry:

There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed outside the manufactured housing industry too.

  • The biggest issue is that parks are raising their rent too much. One well-known park owner said we should always expect a 3%  lot rent increase every year. He then went on to say that they are raising their rents to be equal to the price of apartments. Parks are not apartments. If we wanted to pay apartment prices, we’d live in an apartment.
  • The second issue regards warranties that aren’t honored. The notorious blame game has to go!
  • Lastly, I believe manufactured home installation needs to be better regulated, I’ve read that 80% of all warranty complaints are due to improper installation. It’s vital to have the home set up correctly for a long life span.
  • Also, our elders and low-income families must be better protected when parks close.

We are slowly seeing changes in the manufactured housing industry, but there is more to be done.

Current Project

I am currently working on my 1978 single wide (which was the birthplace of Mobile Home Living). I am hoping to have all the major work completed in the next few months and will be making a big reveal post in the near future.

I hope to continue to grow Mobile Home Living and that it can continue to be the #1 resource for all things Mobile Home!