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Accent Your Manufactured Home Decor with Rugs

If you have a smaller space and are dedicated to simpler living, it can be difficult to accent your manufactured home decor with your own personal style. Whether you like modern minimal or primitive farm design, the right flooring could help. Rugs can both pull together a  room or separate the space so they are an excellent tool for any decor.

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Make Your Room Appear Taller With Rugs

Interior designers have used rugs with bright colors and bold designs to make a room seem taller. When you want to make a room seem taller you want to focus on vertical decor, bringing the eye up or down instead of side to side. By using a bold rug the eye is more prone to look down and then back up, making the room appear taller.

Types of Rugs You Can Use in Your Manufactured Home Decor

Throw Rugs

These types of rugs are usually larger and meant to cover almost an entire room. In a smaller space, they can make the room seem separate from the rest of your home and therefore make the entire home seem larger. This is an easy way to spruce-up your manufactured mobile home decor that won’t cost as much as carpeting the entire floor.

  • Use a throw rug in your living room to make the space feel warmer and give it its own style. Get a rug that covers the floor under the living room set, as in couch, coffee table, etc. This will tie the room together nicely.

  • A throw rug in your bedroom can make the bedspread, window treatments, and other decorations pop. Place it near the entrance so that it ties the areas in front of the bed together with the rest of the room.

  • A throw rug in your dining area can make the kitchen table seem like a whole separate room. Place it under the kitchen table and get one big enough to incorporate the chairs around the table.

manufactured home decor-Ornamental Seamless Rug Design

Accent Rugs

These are smaller rugs that often have intricate patterns or bright and funky colors and shapes. They are excellent for decorating bathrooms, kitchens, and other small areas.

  • Place an accent rug in your bathroom in front of the sink. You’ll be able to add some color and you can find one that’s soft and fuzzy for cold mornings when you’re still barefoot.

  • Find an accent rug that works with your kitchen decor and provides some support. Place it in front of the kitchen sink and you’ll not only have a great decorative piece for your kitchen but you’ll also make doing the dishes more pleasant.

  • If you have a vanity table or makeup station that you sit down at in the morning to get ready, place an accent rug under your chair that brings out the decor of the room and also feels nice on your feet while you’re getting ready.

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

I’ve had the most luck with using an indoor/outdoor rug in our manufactured home decor. Stains are easy to remove if they even appear at all, and the dog hair is simple vacuum away. You can purchase them in any size or design and while they aren’t typically as soft as a regular indoor rug, the convenience of cleaning it makes it worth losing the softness.

Consider the Rug’s Cleaning Ease

Before accenting your manufactured home decor with any kind of rugs, consider what it will take to clean them. For instance, it’s a good idea to put down a throw rug that has dark colors in a high traffic area like the living room and if people walk on it with their shoes on or there are spills, stains won’t stick out as much. Leave bright colors and intricate patterns for areas that don’t see as much traffic so that they won’t fade as quickly. Fibers and pile also matter so when you’re making a decision about the kind of throw rugs or accent rugs you buy; imagine cleaning stains off of them and the likelihood that those stains will happen.

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