Redecorate Your Manufactured Home without Breaking the Bank

I get so frustrated with home decor magazines. First, because they never share ideas to redecorate your manufactured home, and secondly because they act like buying an $800 sink is just an average remodel for most people.

My home only cost $5,000, there’s no way I would or could pay $800 for a single item to update my home.  I only spent $300 on my entire living room suite! Some of us simply can’t spend a lot of money to decorate our homes and that’s OK. You don’t have to spend a lot to live stylishly and comfortably. Flea markets, auctions, Goodwill, and consignment stores are great places to buy home decor and furniture.

Change is Good

By change, I mean changing the furniture or accessories around. Use what you already have in new places and in new ways. That rug in the bedroom could look great in the living room. That small table in the bedroom could be a perfect fit in the home office. Sometimes just moving things around or pulling pieces from one room to another is enough to give your space a nice fresh perspective.

Redecorate your manufactured home without Breaking the Bank
That old leather chair in your spare bedroom could look great in the living room. Vintage and worn leather are huge decor trends right now.

Collections make great gallery walls

Years ago, the big trend was to paint one wall a bold color to create a focal point or accent wall. Nowadays, the accent wall is created with collections and called a gallery wall. Pull out those family pictures and create a cohesive display on your hallway wall. Gather all the mirrors in the house and create a gallery wall that will bounce light around and help make the room seem larger. It’s great for hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, or living rooms.

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Does your kid have a little comic book collection? Use clear sleeves to hang them on the wall and become their decorating superhero!

redecorate your manufactured home - gallery walls
This single wide has a great gallery wall. Click here to see the rest of the home. 

Reuse and Re-imagine your Furniture

If you are just a tiny bit handy with tools you can easily turn a small dining room table into a coffee table by cutting the legs shorter.  Rakes make a great wine glass holder. Bookcases or wooden crates can become tables or turned on their side and placed under a window with a few pillows to create a cute reading nook. A rug or even tree branches can become wall art.

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redecorate your manufactured home without breaking the bank
Wooden crates can be used in many ways. Tree branches make cool wall art and a plain piece of particle board can be a unique headboard.

All you need to do is think outside the box to find a new use for something!

Flowers Add Pops of Color

Little pops of color will work wonders in a room. It can be as simple as new pillow covers or adding a colorful display of flowers. or greenery. Flowers have been used for centuries to add color to a room.  It’s fairly easy to grow wildflowers, especially with the rollout mats. (affiliate link). You can have your own flower supply growing in your backyard!

Redecorate your manufactured home Without Breaking the Bank
Flowers have been used for centuries to add color to homes.

Paint is the BEST Redecorating Tool We Have

Paint is a favorite way to redecorate your manufactured home. Nothing else can completely change a room as fast as a gallon of paint. Today’s paint technology allows one-coat coverage in many situations, just make sure the walls are clean. Walls with darker colors or stains should be primed. Two or three light coats are better than just one or two heavy coats and let the paint dry between coats.

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There are many things you can do to redecorate your manufactured home without breaking the bank. Let your imagination run wild!

What are your favorite ways to change up a room at little or no cost? Share below!

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