Achieving Timeless Home Decor Style in Your Mobile Home

Timeless home decor can be easily defined as interior design that never goes out of style, or shall we say, “can stand the test of time”. Built around the right essentials it can easily be updated by just changing accessories or accents over time. Let’s take a look at 5 elements that will help you achieve that timeless home decor look in your mobile home.

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Choose a Neutral Background

A neutral background should be the backdrop for any home that is looking to achieve a timeless home decor look. Think of blacks, creams, beiges, navy blue, and darker shades of green. These colors never go out of style, and they can be used with bolder accent pieces.

A neutral backdrop makes it so much easier to mix and match.

Keep it Functional

One of the keys to mastering a timeless home decor look is to keep it from feeling overwhelming and cluttered. You want the room to feel comfortable but functional. Although it’s sometimes tough in a mobile home, try not to fill up every open space or empty corner. Less is more when it comes to timeless home decor.

This space is functional and cozy.

Use Accents to Keep Things Current

Whether you add a throw or some current decor pieces that are trendy, accent pieces are an easy and inexpensive way to keep your mobile home current while still keeping it classic. Plus, you can trade these pieces out as the new trends come along!

timeless home decor items
Finds like this on Pinterest help you find the perfect accents.

Merge the Old and New

This is one decor look that takes advantage of those old pieces that you just can’t seem to bear to get rid of. Mix and match older pieces with newer ones to create a lived-in classic look.

This room merges all the elements of a classic style.

Stay Away From Trends

The biggest tip we can share when considering a timeless home decor look is to stay away from trends. Especially in big doses. There’s nothing worse than investing in furniture or window treatments that don’t have any lasting power. Try and keep trendy pieces small, such as pillows or throws, that way they are easily changed out without breaking the bank.

The right furniture pieces never go out of style.

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The bottom line is a timeless home decor look combines pieces you love that are functional as well as comfortable, mixed with traditional and newer pieces that can stand the test of time. Also, use a neutral backdrop that can be used with a variety of colors. Keep the trends to small items such as rugs, pillows, pillows, and accessories that can be easily changed.

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