Marisa Murrow is a very talented artist that creates beautiful paintings. She has focused on a neglected theme, mobile home art. Considering millions live in mobile and manufactured homes you would think we would see more art centered around them but unfortunately we do not. When we do find an artist that recognizes the beauty of the homes simple shapes and clean lines, we have to give them a little recognition.

UPDATE: Since this article, we also did a follow up with Marisa. You can see it here: Marisa Murrow: A Mobile Home Artist.

marisa Murrow, artist

Marisa’s biography shares her extensive training in the arts and where she has been featured in several gallery shows throughout the world. Her personal artist statement explains her viewpoint well:

I paint and collect visual information on site; producing small, intimate portraits of mobile homes along the Southern California coast.

On mountains sheltered from the rest of the city I direct my critical gaze at a mobile home park.
The aerial perspective from which I paint is an exploration of the shifting social landscape
present in Los Angeles. We are neither here or there in this ambiguously flat yet dimensional
landscape. I began this series by eliminating the edge of the hill I was standing on to allow the
viewer to loom above the park. I wanted to create a state of transition; an in between place.
This work resulted out of an unplanned experience where I packed all of my possessions into the car
and left my apartment in one day. I felt completely vulnerable and unattached to the security I
thought I had created.
I paint the stuff people want to omit from their oceanfront properties; trailers, and mobile homes,
telephone wires, trash cans and rooftops. The visual rhythm of each structure is designed to be a
collection of abstract paintings of contemporary thought. I begin with a thin wash of burnt sienna
or vibrant green which peeks though the paint to create dimension on the surface. These colors
also lend a warm temperature to the work, reflecting the heat this city experiences year round.
Mobile home parks are commonly perceived as gritty, unpretentious and rather low income means
of shelter.
The homes depicted in this body of work face the Pacific Ocean like a captive audience,
worshiping the waves and the sun. The viewer is offered a delightful protest to the endless search
for connection to nature in the excessively materialistic setting of Los Angeles. With the ocean at
their front door for almost free, these homes on wheels need not roll away anytime soon.

A Glimpse Into Marisa’s Pieces

Here’s a few of her mobile home and mobile home park paintings, All were found on her website, Marisa Murrow  and all are her sole property and creation.

mobile home art5

mobile home art

mobile home art 18

mobile home art 17

mobile home art 16

mobile home art 15

mobile home art 14

mobile home art 13

mobile home art 12

mobile home art 11

mobile home art 9

mobile home art 8

mobile home art 7

mobile home art 6

mobile home art 4

mobile home art 3

mobile home art 2

mobile home 10

mobile home sculpture 2

mobile home sculpture 3

mobile home sculpture

mobile home sculptures

If you are interested in purchasing any mobile home art from Marisa please check out and contact her through her website: She even has mobile home-themed card sets!

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